Highlighting Pete’s Hot Dogs for National Hot Dog Day



My favorite food is a hot dog. I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again, a good hot dog with the right toppings is all you need any time of the year, but especially in the summer. 

Here in Jersey City, there are tons of places to grab a good dog and make your way through the city but for National Hot Dog Day, we wanted to highlight a Jersey City staple. 

There’s only one place you can go and get that classic cart dog with a 92-year-old chili recipe that’s been passed down 5 generations and has been sitting in the same spot in Jersey City Heights to this day! 



Chris Lallo is the 5th generation to own Pete’s Hot Dogs at the corner of Webster and Paterson Plank Road in Jersey City Heights. This hot dog cart started as a red wooden push cart 92 years ago and has been passed down from generation to generation within Lallo’s family. 

Lallo, his son, and his son’s girlfriend now work the cart together for the summer and he hopes to pass the cart down to his son when the time comes. 



We asked his son, Justin, how he felt about this and his answer was as heartwarming as his father’s devotion to his community and customers. “I think about how it’s been 92 years and how now I’m filling in the next piece of the puzzle. I love our customers.” 

While at the hot dog cart, we were able to see in real-time the impact Chris is having on his community. In the short 30 minutes we filmed this interview, we were (gladly) interrupted many times by people placing their lunchtime dog orders. “2 chili and sauerkraut” comes from one woman pushing a stroller. “1 mustard chili and an orange drink” is ordered confidently by a man who told us he’s been coming here since he was a kid. “1 mustard and sauerkraut,” says a mailman as he orders and gives Chris a big smile and handshake. 



It is very apparent that Chris is well-loved and his cart is more of a landmark than a food vendor stop. When asked what message Chris would like to share with his customers, his answer came easily “Thank you for your support… I’m humbled to be here for 92 years. I’m looking forward to 92 more, God willing. I’m humbled by it and I appreciate it.” And we appreciate him! 



So this year for National Hot Dog Day, try a dog from Pete’s Hot Dogs located at 399 Webster Avenue open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 am to 3:30 pm. Tell them Everything Jersey City sent you! 

Be sure to check out our interview here!


Leslie Victori
Author: Leslie Victori

Managing Editor and Food + Drink Editor for EverythingJerseyCity.com