Parks in Jersey City

Yes, it’s a concrete jungle out here but we’ve got parks that will take your breath away. We’ve got parks with fantastic views and we’ve got pocket parks in the neighborhood for the kids to swing, slide, and play. The Division of Parks and Forestry oversees over 60 parks citywide and is responsible for the maintenance and care of all playgrounds and other properties as well. From tree trimming to repair of playground equipment Parks and Forestry workers are hard at work to beautify the city while ensuring safe areas for kids of all ages to enjoy.


Audubon Park- 18 Audubon Ave, Jersey City, NJ

Audubon Park occupies the entire city block fronting Kennedy Boulevard to the west, Bergen Avenue to the east, Audubon Avenue to the north and Stegman Street to the south. In 1988 a Jersey Journal article on the park referred to it as “probably the biggest, most congested and most used basketball haven in the city” The park has been renovated over the years and is home to basketball and tennis courts in the middle and a playground for younger children.


Bayside Park- 99 Bayside Park Dr Jersey City, NJ

A clean and quiet park located in Greenville. Great park for tennis, basketball and jogging and of course kids as it includes a water park and jungle gym. Also great ramps for skateboarding.


Berry Lane Park- 1000 Garfield Ave., Jersey City, NJ

Berry Lane Park is the largest municipal park in Jersey City, only opened in 2016. Features include two basketball courts, two tennis courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, a playground, a rain garden, 600 new trees, and a splash pad water park. Recently added to the park in 2020 is Jersey City’s largest skatepark, nearly 12,000 sqft, built with a grant from The Tony Hawk Foundation.


Hamilton Park- 25 W Hamilton Pl, Jersey City, NJ

Hamilton Park is a neighborhood in downtown jersey city centered around its park by the same name. Hamilton park hosts several events throughout the year, some of which include the Shakespeare in the Park series, frequent screenings for the “Movies in the Park” series, Hamilton Park festival, and a weekly farmers market held every Wednesday. It received a multi-million dollar renovation, completed in 2010, which included new Victorian-looking lampposts, new walkways, two dog runs, a fountain, a freshened up gazebo, and updated playgrounds.


Leonard J. Gordon Park- 3303 John F Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ

The Leonard J. Gordon Park (a.k.a. mosquito park) is located in the Heights and is best known for its sculptures of Buffalo and Bears (c. 1907). Its development took place at the time of the “City Beautiful” movement in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century. The purpose of the movement was to revitalize industrialized communities with public spaces for recreational purposes. Named after a New York native, Union soldier in the Civil War, chemist, and medical practitioner. In the center is a circular gazebo and in 1930, the Hudson City Soldiers and Sailors Welfare League placed a World War I memorial statue in the park. There’s also an American eagle atop a granite shaft placed by the Raymond Sipnick Post of the Jewish War Veterans. It’s a small but a beautiful park with lots of walking space, scenic sunset views, a basketball court, a few swings, a small dog park and a kiddie park.


Liberty State Park- 200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City, NJ

With unbeatable views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Liberty State Park draws in a few million guests per year. The park has a two-mile promenade where you can enjoy walking, jogging, biking, or rollerblading, all while taking in the view of the Hudson River. Liberty State Park also is the only location in New Jersey with Ferry service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.


Lt Robert P. Grover Memorial Park- JFK Blvd at, Broadman Pkwy, Jersey City, NJ

Located at the northwest corner of Broadman Parkway and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Grover Memorial Park is one of numerous municipal “pocket” parks which can be found throughout the city. It is named in honor of WWII Army Air corpsman. Slightly less than one hundred feet square, this park sits directly across the street from Snyder High School on Kennedy Boulevard. It features a fenced-in grassy area with several large shade trees. A pathway curves across the park connecting the Broadman Parkway entrance with another on Kennedy Boulevard.


Lincoln Park- Jersey City, NJ

Lincoln Park was the first park in the Hudson County parks system. It consists of two distinct sections: Lincoln Park East and Lincoln Park West. Lincoln Park East contains many sports fields, recreational facilities, and four gazebos while Lincoln Park West consists primarily of wetlands as well as Joseph J. Jaroschak Field, the facility for the baseball, softball, and soccer teams of Saint Peter’s University. Just south of the Lincoln Park Lake is Casino in the Park, a restaurant that is regularly used for meetings and events. Many well known people have attended events at the venue. In 1963, Frank Sinatra attended his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary there and in 1991, the Hudson County Democratic Organization was addressed by Bill Clinton, who was the governor of Arkansas at the time.


Newport Green Park- 14th St, Jersey City, NJ

The park was created in 2012 as part of a Jersey City revitalization. It consists of a colorful and imaginative children’ playround (ages 2-12), the only man-made beach of the Hudson River, a water playground aka the Splash Pad, and a walkway to Hoboken.


Owen Grundy Park- Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ

Owen Grundy (1912–1985) was a Jersey City native and was its official historian and chairman of the city’s Municipal Historic Districts Commission up until his death. This riverfront park was named in his honor and faces the NYC skyline. It features game tables and a pavilion with frequent festivals and shows.


Pershing Field Memorial Park- 201 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ

When Pershing Field Memorial Park was opened in 1922 and dedicated in 1923, it was intended to commemorate the soldiers from Jersey City lost during World War I. Located in the center of the Heights, Pershing Field Memorial Park offers a variety of activities to local residents and visitors. There’s a playground, two basketball courts, four tennis courts and a field that has its own baseball league called Pershing Field Babe Ruth League. Other recreational activities include an ice skating rink, a swimming pool, and an outdoor running track.


Riverview-Fisk Park- 1 Bowers St, Jersey City, NJ

Riverview Park is located at the edge of the Heights on Palisade Avenue. The park contains magnificent views of the New York City Skyline, the Hudson River, the Verrazano Bridge, and the George Washington Bridge. These views can be enjoyed while relaxing in the park gazebo. Due to these amazing views, Fourth of July has become a major day for the park. On this holiday, thousands gather to watch the fireworks display across the New York skyline. This has become a tradition for lots of families and brings many newcomers each year. The park is also known for its lively farmers market and the Riverview Jazz Festival.


Sgt. Anthony Park- 90-100 Palisade Ave, Jersey City, NJ

Neighborhood families and local residents visit this park to enjoy the basketball court, dog run, community garden and playground. The once empty lot was converted into a park on May 1, 1949 and named Sgt. Anthony Park in Joseph Anthony’s honor, a Jersey City native who lost his life in World War II. As a young boy, he played ball in that lot which was across the street from his home on 87 Palisade Ave.


Thomas Mcgovern Park- 36 Sycamore Rd, Jersey City, NJ

Mcgovern park is a small and peaceful park, perfect for smaller children, with a public tennis court. It is located in Country Village, which is in the Southwestern corner of Jersey City.


Van Vorst Park- 257-287 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ

The Van Vorst Park was established in 1835 and named after the european Van Vorst family that settled here during the 1600s. It’s the center of the Van Vorst Park Neighborhood, surrounded by 19th century brownstones and townhouses including the Heppenheimer Mansion. In its center lies a gazebo, two playgrounds, a splash park, a small neighborhood garden and a dog park, all patiently cared for by its neighbors.


Washington Park- 662 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Washington Park is set atop the New Jersey Palisades at the north border of Jersey City, being the only park that serves two adjacent municipalities – Union City and Jersey City. The park offers both communities a variety of recreational opportunities with fields for baseball, tennis, racquetball, basketball and soccer as well as a children’s playground, a picnic grove and gazebos for leisure activities. Over the years, the site was used mostly as grounds for carnivals, circuses, and a variety of shows.