Your Guide to Adult Leagues in Jersey City


Do you miss playing a team sport? The camaraderie, the encouragement from your teammates, and the exhilaration of achieving victory together? Or you may want to get out more, start something new, and meet new people. It’s never too late to play team sports, and lucky for us, Jersey City offers many options on how you can get involved. Aside from being a great exercise, participating in team sports is a fantastic opportunity for personal growth. It is a chance to break free from your everyday routine and engage in an activity that makes you leave your comfort zone. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner eager to dive into a new challenge, check out the list below to help you find a sports team!


Hive Athletics 

As Hive likes to put it, this is the best way to make new friends, stay active and have fun! This organization was founded by and for social sports lovers. Hive Athletic is committed to delivering the best customer service and making the communities we play better through community service and supporting youth athletic programs. You can join many sports leagues, including bowling, dodgeball, pickle-ball, soccer, and volleyball. To check out their complete list and locations where to play, click here


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The American Ballplayers League (ABL)

ABL is Hudson County’s best provider of recreational sports leagues for adults who push themselves in various sports, ranging in skill. They have players from Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, and Edgewater playing in multiple tournaments, including basketball leagues, flag football leagues and men’s and coed softball leagues. For more information on how to get involved, click here



ZogSports offers a variety of recreational adult sports leagues, from basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, and more around the United States. The founder, Robert Herzog, was inspired to create an organization bringing like-minded people together to have fun, give back, and create a community. Today, there are thousands of athletes every season, six regions, where you can find ZogSports and over three million donated to charity. Find your league in Jersey City by clicking here


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Tennis Leagues with Play Your Court 

Interested in playing tennis and looking to make friends who do? Play Your Court’s goal is to grow tennis by making getting practice, matches, and lessons on your local courts easier. Here in Jersey City, we have several tennis courts, and you can find a buddy to play singles, doubles or both! You can learn more about how to get started by clicking here


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Local Meetup Groups 

You can search for local groups in Jersey City by using Here you can find diverse sports and activities and meet new people. These groups often organize casual games and make it a very welcoming environment. One of the popular groups is the Jersey City Volleyball group. The group usually meets in Pershing Field in the Heights and is open to players of all levels. Check out their next MeetUp game here. You can also create your group if you choose to! 


Running Clubs

Joining a running group helps build community and motivates you to keep running! Jersey City has several running groups that also participate in races. Check out our article on running groups you can get involved with. We have running groups you can join from all levels, whether going on a leisurely jog or competing in the next marathon! 

Do you have a sports team you created? Please share with us! We would love to help spread the word and have residents join the fun. 

Arati Patel
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