Jersey City Parents Support Groups

Jersey City Parents Support Groups Navigating the complexities of parenthood can be a challenging time for a family. Lucky for parents, Jersey City has several parent support groups that serve as invaluable resources for the community, offering a platform for parents to connect, exchange insights,

How the Foods We Eat Impact Our Mental Health

How the Foods We Eat Impact Our Mental Health There has been a lot of research that shows our diet affects both our physical and mental health: our moods, symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other conditions.  Our brain works 24/7 even when we are

Ten Woman-Owned Restaurants + Cafes in Jersey City

Ten Woman-Owned Restaurants + Cafes in Jersey City With a diverse restaurant scene in Jersey City, several woman-owned and operated restaurants are among the favorites. Each has its own unique story that makes their restaurant an extraordinary experience. We have curated a list of ten

Upcoming Pub Crawls in Jersey City

Upcoming Pub Crawls in Jersey City With St. Patrick’s Day rapidly approaching, many celebrators will be looking to enjoy the holiday with various local festivities. Many of these include visiting various bars, socializing, and indulging in many drinks and refreshments. Whether you’re spending time with

Seven Best Margarita spots in Jersey City

Where to Get Margaritas in Jersey City for Margarita Day    Did someone say Margarita Day in Jersey City? Whether it’s a Mexican or Non-Mexican restaurant, Jersey City residents have so many options to try tasty margaritas. Dine in or stop by these fabulous spots

Shopping Local in Jersey City

Ten Local Shops in Jersey City to Support Jersey City is known for its diverse and unique neighborhoods; within each, you can find locally owned small businesses to support. As you stroll, you will find shops filled with hidden gems made by passionate entrepreneurs who

Valentine’s Day in Jersey City

Valentine’s Day in Jersey City  Valentine’s Day brings out mixed emotions and traditionally, events were only made for couples. However, in Jersey City, restaurants, venues, and organizations host special V-day parties for couples, families, singles, and besties! If you want a romantic night out or

Activities for Jersey City Moms in JC

Activities for Jersey City Moms  Because Jersey City is such a busy area, one may think that only young singles can take advantage of the city. However, for all the hardworking moms in the area, make sure to attend the meetups, classes, and spots in

Celebrating Hot & Spicy Food Day w/ Dishes in JC

Celebrating Hot & Spicy Food Day w/ Dishes in JC Spicy food has become one of my favorite types of cuisine to enjoy as an adult. Whether it’s the numbing and tingling sensation of cayenne pepper, jalapeño pepper, or the more potent flavors found in

Tips & Tricks for New Year Resolutions

Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions    The start of a new year brings excitement, joy, elevated levels of energy, and openness. We feel like we have been given a fresh start to seize the opportunity to set new goals and rebuild a better