2020 Themed Halloween Costumes

2020 Themed Halloween Costumes Between Coronavirus, murder hornets coming to the US, and every event you were looking forward to being online, 2020 has been.. a lot. Whether you’re keeping your festivities virtual or celebrating outdoors *with a mask*, here are some costume ideas that

7 Seafood Spots for Your Lobster Fix

7 Seafood Spots for Your Lobster Fix National Lobster Day is September 25th. Whether you’re looking for a Maine-style lobster roll or want to get your hands dirty with some boiled lobster, here are some local spots to indulge for National Lobster Day!   Shell

Marathon Runners: Hitting the Wall

Marathon Runners: HITTING the WALL. Running the Distance Many moons ago when I ran a marathon, one of the dreaded conditions one might encounter when running any kind of endurance race is hitting the “Wall.” For trained marathon runners it tends to happen between the