Celebrate Hispanic Heritage in Jersey City

Hispanic Heritage Month takes place every year in September and October to recognize and celebrate the diverse cultures and contributions of Americans of Latin and Hispanic descent. Here in Jersey City, we are lucky to be surrounded by so many great Hispanic Americans who have enriched our city and influenced who we are in so many ways. From music, dance, food, festivals and more, Jersey City is filled with Latin Culture. Below I have listed ways you can celebrate the Hispanic heritage all year round by supporting local businesses, from restaurants and shops or learning traditional dances! 


Jersey City Midnight Market

The Midnight Market was founded by two locals of Dominican descent. They started Midnight Market in November of 2016 to bring together a fun night out with the food festival ambiance. The Midnight Market has become an event Jersey City locals look forward to having a great time with friends and family. With diverse food options, DJ entertainment, and activities, the founders have uniquely shaped Jersey City’s nightlife! The next Midnight Market is on October 21st from 6 PM -12 AM. To get your tickets, click here. They also host the Jersey City Night Market, an open-air event celebrating Jersey City culture and commerce. The event is free to attend on Sunday, October 22nd.


Segunda Quimbamba – 279 Second Street

Segunda Quimbamba Folkloric Center is a local nonprofit cultural arts organization celebrating the Puerto Rican Folkloric drum music Bomba and Plena through education and live performances. They offer dance and drum lessons for children and adults, including beginners and advanced levels. For more information, click here. 



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Salsa Fever On2 – 83 Franklin Street 

This dance studio, located in the Heights of Jersey City, has been in business since 2002. They offer structured dance classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced level Salsa, so if you’re ready to learn some Salsa, click here for more information. 


Hispanic Owned Restaurants & Cafes 

A great influence the Hispanic heritage has had on Jersey City is providing us with diverse options of cuisines. From Central America to Northern and South America, we have cuisines from many Latin American countries, allowing us to taste the differences in the food and celebrate the beautiful culture of each. Check out the restaurants below to start exploring the diversity in Hispanic cuisine. 

El Gordo – 291 Central Avenue (Peruvian) 

Indulge in traditional Peruvian dishes at this family-owned restaurant. Their extensive menu offers entrees, soups, seafood, and side dishes. Their most popular dishes and what they’re known for are ceviche and arroz con pollo. Check out the Instagram video below where the owner Lizeth Morales expresses how grateful she is that she gets to share her culture with patrons each day by falling in love with the beauty of Peruvian Cuisine.


El Rey del Sur – 115 Bowers Street (El Salvadorian & Honduran) 

If you want to try El Salvadorian and Honduran food, then El Rey del Sur will not disappoint. Enjoy authentic pupusas as this small local spot is known for them. Pupusas are a flatbread made with cornmeal or rich flour that comes in various flavors, from meats to cheese. 

El Sabroso – 414 Central Avenue (Puerto Rican) 

This Puerto Rican & Latin American family-owned restaurant offers authentic dishes to enjoy. They are known for their popular Mofongo dish, fried green plantains flavored with garlic and can come with veggies or meat. 

Flor Y Café – 413 Central Avenue (Puerto Rican)

A mother and daughter-owned flower and coffee shop that allows you to experience coffee from the farms of Puerto Rico. Check out our article here on the owner, a very proud Puerto Rican, as she shares more about her inspiration to start this café with her mother. 

Galeria Café – 288 Central Avenue (Colombian & Ecuadorian) 

This Ecuadorian and Colombian Café is a family-owned café offering various authentic sweets while enjoying a cup of fresh Colombian coffee. They also serve breakfast and lunch options! Their popular dish is the authentic arepas. 



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Guatemalteco Restaurant & Bakery – 311 Pacific Avenue (Guatemalan)

A restaurant and bakery in one, you can enjoy flavorful dishes of Guatemala and desserts! This lovely Guatemalan spot is on Pacific Avenue and offers soups, guisados, carne asada dishes, stewed chicken and more! 

Mi Casa – 372 Communipaw Avenue 

This is a family-owned restaurant making homemade Dominican dishes for you to try. From their stewed chicken to side dishes, you can immerse yourself in the Dominican culture through their cuisine. 

Mi Mariachi – 213 Sip Avenue (Mexican)

This restaurant offers a vibrant, colorful atmosphere that will get you in the mood for authentic tacos, tamales, fajitas, tostadas, and more. They also serve breakfast, so depending on your mood, you can enjoy Mexican food anytime!



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Rinconcito Copaneco – 15 Jordan Avenue #3309 (Honduran)

If you want to try Honduran tacos, then this spot is the right one for you! They serve delicious soups and homemade Honduran dishes. This spot has a great neighborhood feel! 

Rumba Cubano – 235 Pavonia Avenue (Cuban)

This is an excellent spot for a lovely night out. With a fun atmosphere, a menu filled with endless options of Cuban dishes to try, and drinks, you are sure to have a great time soaking in the culture! 

Tamborim Bar and Grill – 130 Newark Avenue (Brazilian)

This place offers an authentic Brazilian dining experience with a family-friendly bar and grill. You can try Brazilian barbecue and other traditional side dishes! The atmosphere is also great for a fun night out. 


Arati Patel
Author: Arati Patel

Arati is a professional immersed in the environmental and animal welfare field. In her free time, she enjoys walking and spending time with shelter dogs, exploring the outdoors, and always ready to find a new coffee shop. A born and raised Jersey City local, she considers herself a life-long learner who is ready to write and craft inspiring stories to share with everyone!