Jersey City Parents Support Groups

Navigating the complexities of parenthood can be a challenging time for a family. Lucky for parents, Jersey City has several parent support groups that serve as invaluable resources for the community, offering a platform for parents to connect, exchange insights, and seek advice from one another. 

With diverse members, support groups provide a nurturing environment where parents can find solidarity, guidance, and encouragement on their journey through parenthood in Jersey City. Check out the list below of Parent Support Groups found throughout Jersey City. We hope these provide the assistance you may have been looking for!  

Bergen-Lafayette Mom’s Group

If you’re in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood and looking to meet other parents, check out the Facebook group “Bergen-Lafayette Mom’s Groups.” This local group was set up specifically for families in the Bergen-Lafayette area to communicate and connect about neighborhood issues, events, and concerns. 

JC Bump & Baby 

JC Bump & Baby helps meet the challenges of parenthood through curated classes and workshops. The owner has dedicated herself to teaching prenatal & postpartum yoga, leading self-care workshops, and offering support and guidance for pregnancy and motherhood.


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Jersey City Mamas

Jersey City Mamas is a community, a support network, and a sisterhood. They take pride in sharing the motherhood experience and all that it entails. The group believes that community can change the trajectory of a woman’s postpartum experience, so their goal is to create genuine online and offline friendships to make the most tangible impact for moms. They host various events throughout Jersey City, including playdates, workshops, and social gatherings, creating a welcoming environment for new mothers! Check out their future events here.


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JC Families

JC Families is a non-profit family and parent community in Jersey City. JC Families is dedicated to serving and supporting families in the Jersey City and Hudson County areas. They host many events, from back-to-school drives to fundraisers, and partner with Jersey City Moms to create engaging events for mothers in the community. Don’t miss out on JCFamilies’ JC Baby Fair on April 13th from 11 to 2 pm in downtown Jersey City! 

Jersey City Moms

They are the oldest (founded in 2007) and largest mom group in Jersey City (14k+ active members). They are run by only JC residents and locals who have done amazing things for our community for many years. The group is a go-to resource for sharing and connecting with other local moms in town. They also partner with JCFAMILIES and regularly host monthly family-friendly events and moms’ night out meet-ups.


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JC Heights Parents 

This neighborhood community brings together moms, dads, and parents of Jersey City Heights. The groups want to use the inclusive space to support one another and our neighborhood- coming together for events, play dates, chats, and advocacy on issues that matter to parents in the Heights. They have a WhatsApp community group for a more intimate way to connect with local moms, dads, and parents. Click here if you’re interested in joining their group!


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Family Partners of Jersey City 

The Family Partners of Hudson County is a system partner within New Jersey’s Division of Children’s System of Care that focuses on family strengths and utilization of community resources. They offer monthly groups that are great resources for parents. 

Moms Helping Moms

  • This mothers’ support group meets at the Bethune Center, 140 MLK Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305. The environment is focused on being judgment-free and welcomes all to attend. For more information, contact

Fellas Fathers Support Group

  • This group supports and focuses on Male Caregivers, Fathers, Brothers, and mentors. They discuss various topics, from the root of fathering to positive parenting to discipline styles and much more! The group meets monthly, and you can find out more information by contacting Alfonso Valentin,

Paulus Hook Moms of Jersey City

This group is dedicated to Paulus Hook for moms, dads, grandparents, and nannies. The group aims to create a community through playdates, events, classes, and neighborhood happenings. It also welcomes residents from the surrounding area of Jersey City! 

Are you part of a parent support group we haven’t mentioned? Please do share!

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