The New and Improved Jersey City Waterfront

The city’s riverside hangout spot boasts a few new features this year that make it more attractive to residents and tourists alike.


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The waterfront is located on the eastern side of Jersey City. It sits along the Hudson River that separates the city from New York. The waterfront can be easily accessed via the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail or the PATH train. It is a popular destination in Jersey City as it offers a stunning view of the New York skyline as well as easy access to the city itself. Additionally, there are also multiple transportation options in the area such as the New York Ferry and the aforementioned PATH train light rail. This year, various attractions have been added to the waterfront area for visitors to enjoy.


A New Playground 

On May 18th, a new park and playground on the waterfront was opened for the public. This project came as a result of a collaboration between the Exchange Place Alliance Special Improvement District and the city of Jersey City. 

The playground is made up of reusable materials and is accessible to all children, even those with disabilities. Officials say that this is the first project of this kind in the area. This playground is sure to bring in children and parents alike to the waterfront.


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Old and New Restaurants 

Jersey City is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States; and, because of this, residents have a large variety of options when it comes to food. The city boasts restaurants that consist of food options such as Asian, Mexican, Italian, Caribbean, etc.

In addition to the dining establishments that have been in Jersey City for years now, there are also new restaurants in the waterfront area for the locals to sink their teeth into. This fall will see the opening of a new seafood restaurant called Blue Anchor Bar + Kitchen. Back in August, Greek and Italian restaurant Maddy Rose opened its doors to the public. Also, just before New Year’s, a Japanese restaurant named East Hudson Cafe opened as well.

It’s safe to say that anyone in Jersey City will have more than enough choices for the next time they decide to eat out.


Plenty of Apartments 

To a long time Jersey City resident, it may feel like a new apartment building is going up almost all the time. While it may seem a bit excessive to some, there are many benefits to renting in the city, especially in the waterfront area.

Jersey City offers immediate access to various amenities both in and out of the city. Newark Penn Station, which contains Amtrak trains and transportation to Newark Airport, is just one train ride away. Various restaurants, shopping centers and recreational facilities are never too far either. New York City is also one train or ferry ride away; and, perhaps most importantly, Jersey City is cheaper to live in than The Big Apple. These and many other factors make Jersey City a very attractive renting location, even to some New Yorkers.

That is why real estate manager, Brookfield Properties, are pressing forward with their new waterfront apartment project. The towering 60 story apartment building will be located on Marin Boulevard, right next to Shoprite and just a short distance from Newport Mall. Convenience seemed to be a top priority for the creation of this project.


Other Waterfront Newcomers 

In addition to the playground, restaurants and apartments, 2023 has brought in a few more features to Jersey City’s waterfront area. Back in April, a new lighthouse point opened in Newport. It offers plenty of public space for relaxing, eating and other activities as well as a nice view when night falls in the city.

There are also plans being made to add a new heliport to the waterfront. Once completed, it will offer flights to other nearby heliports and airports, thus dramatically decreasing transportation times for travelers. 

Prior to 2023, the waterfront featured many attractions and activities for visitors and residents to enjoy that made it a popular location within the city. Now, even more has been added to the area; and, even more additions will be available in the near future. For anyone who has not visited the Jersey City waterfront, there’s no better time than now to see what it has to offer.


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Author: Tyshon Johnson