Zoraida Campo’s 100th Birthday Celebration!

A few days before Zoraida’s 100th birthday, we were approached by her granddaughter, Luz F., inviting us to capture the special moment. Luz had flown in from Florida early morning to help her beautiful grandmother prepare for her big day. Their day started at 10 AM with a dress appointment at Macy’s, followed by her hair and makeup! The residents at Alaris Health at the Atrium, friends, and family gathered early afternoon on August 7th for a lovely event celebrating Zoraida’s 100th birthday. In addition, she was presented a proclamation from Mayor Steve Fulop honoring her legacy. 

As a resident of Jersey City for the last 50 years, we were grateful to be invited to celebrate with Zoraida and ask her a few questions to learn more about her inspiration to move to America and her memorable moments in the past 100 years. You can watch the celebration and interview below!


Let’s Learn More about Zoraida! 

Zoraida T. was born in Tumaco, Colombia, where she came from a large family of seven sisters and two brothers. At age 19, she met her husband Carlos C. at a festival. They had started their own family with ten children, five girls and five boys. While her husband was dedicated to supporting the family, Zoraida worked to care for her children. She was a hardworking woman who also found a way to contribute financially to ensure the family never lacked anything by selling popsicles from her home and as a nanny taking care of her neighbor’s kids.  

Later, her husband decided to apply for a visa to come to the United States. When he started working, the company supported him so that he could apply for permanent residency. He then applied to bring his wife and children to the United States. At 100 years old, Zoraida is the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of a family of nearly 50 and growing.


Zoraida’s Secret to 100 

While interviewing Zoraida, she expressed how important it is in life to work hard and raise a good family. She echoed how much her husband meant to her and how the greatest joy in her life has been family. Her secret to a long life and reaching 100 was always to work hard and be surrounded by family!

We are so grateful to be part of Zoraida’s 100th birthday and share this story with the rest of the community!

Arati Patel
Author: Arati Patel

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