A Look Inside Flor Y Café 

In the Heights of Jersey City, Flor Y Café is a mother and daughter-owned flower and coffee shop. Stepping into this local shop, you will feel empowered about the coffee-making process as you can have a seed-to-cup experience. The mission of their café is to provide customers with the best experience of freshness and taste, allowing you to schedule a time to roast your coffee! Not only will you enjoy sipping on a fresh cup of coffee, but you’ll probably leave with a plant or two! We had the chance to visit the café and learn more about its inspiration. Keep reading to know why this café is a unique treasure in Jersey City Heights! 

Flor Y Cafe
Inside Flor Y Café


The inspiration behind Flor Y Café 

Maria L. was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Jersey City. Her love for coffee started when she was young. Her grandmother would put the coffee on the table with “pan y queso” for her as a young toddler. Being a people person, Maria loves how Coffee brings people together for conversation. She has had so many enlightening conversations over a cup of coffee. Her mother, Jarmina C., is the chief designer with 50 years of experience creating traditional and contemporary flower arrangements. With Maria’s love for coffee and flowers, she decided to collaborate with her mother. Maria decided why not blend the best of both worlds! 


Who doesn’t love Flowers?!

Stepping into this café, you will find freshly cut flowers to brighten anyone’s day. If you have a special event coming up, they specialize in creating unique bouquets and arrangements. Jarmina will curate seasonal blooms and deliver them to anyone not located in Jersey City. During the holidays, a seasoned bouquet is always ready to surprise a loved one!


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Inspiration for the Coffee 

At Flor y Café, they only sell 100% Artisan Coffee from Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Maria and her husband had returned to Puerto for a family vacation in 2018 after Hurricane Maria had destroyed the island and its coffee industry. During this vacation, they went to Jayuya, discovered a family-owned coffee farm, and fell in love with the coffee. Jayuya is in the mountains of Puerto Rico at more than 2,000 feet of elevation, giving the ideal climate conditions for high-quality coffee. Their coffee starts with a rigorous selection of only ripe beans; they are washed and sun-dried before being roasted to perfection.

After speaking to the farm owners, they started to sell the coffee at Jersey City farmer’s markets, festivals, online and through word of mouth. The pandemic had made it difficult to continue selling the coffee, and eventually, Maria decided to start the shop with her mother. 


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The Seed to Cup Experience at Flor Y Café! 

At Flor Y Café, you can have a seed-to-cup experience. You can schedule a time to learn to roast your coffee. They will provide green coffee beans and micro-roasters and guide you in roasting. During this process, you will experience the changes in colors, sounds and aromas that this great seed gives. Then you will grind your own freshly roasted coffee and experience the smells of freshly roasted and ground coffee. In the end, you will brew your coffee using the pour-over method to extract the best flavor from your coffee.


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Visit Flor Y Café Today! 

Head to 413 Central Avenue today to experience Puerto Rican coffee and pick up some flowers for your loved one! You can visit their website here for more information or follow them on Instagram for the latest updates!

Arati Patel
Author: Arati Patel

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