Your Guide to Gluten-Free Options in Jersey City


Jersey City’s vibrant and diverse food scene is a culinary playground offering a selection of global cuisines. Fortunately, local restaurants and cafés have embraced the gluten-free movement, ensuring those with dietary restrictions can indulge without worry. From brunch to popular dining spots and places to find enjoyable gluten-free bread, we’ve curated a list of go-to places for gluten-free options in Jersey City. So, whether you’re a seasoned gluten-free expert or new to the lifestyle, keep reading for insider tips and recommendations to make your gluten-free journey in Jersey City a delightful experience.

Busy Bee Organics – 451 Palisade Ave

Busy Bee Organics is the dream spot for gluten-free! This local café has the most delicious, guilt-free sweets and customized sandwiches, salads, and more options. If you’re looking for meal delivery options, check out their menu and learn how to start your gluten-free journey with Busy Bee! During Holidays they have specialized sweets and food items to choose from. 


Chickie’s – 236 Pavonia Ave

Chickie’s is the same team behind The Hamilton Inn and Hamilton Pork, both beloved restaurants in Jersey City. This Italian neighborhood restaurant offers delicious gluten-free options for pizza and pasta! Their spicy vodka gluten-free rigatoni always hits the spot! 


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Choc O Pain French Bakery and Café – 330-332 Palisade Ave & 530 Jersey Ave & 244 St Pauls Ave

With several locations in Jersey City, Choc O Pain is an excellent option if you are looking for some delicious, fresh, gluten-free bread options! Every Wednesday, they make a fresh loaf of gluten-free bread. This bakery also has salad, soup, and sweet options!


Gaia & Loki – 346 Grove St

Gaia & Loki is a vegan restaurant on a mission to change the Earth and make a positive impact through sustainable eating. They offer several gluten-free options, making all of their pasta dishes gluten-free options for you. 


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Left Bank Burger – 194 Newark Ave

If you’re craving a burger, this favorite local spot has gluten-free options for buns! You do not have to worry about switching to a salad option to indulge in a burger! 


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The Cliff – 38 Congress St

If you’re looking for a weekend brunch spot, then The Cliff is a perfect option providing gluten-free options. You can substitute their breakfast sandwich options with gluten-free bread! In addition, they have outside seating to enjoy the summertime weather. 


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Subia’s Vegan Café – 506 Jersey Ave

Located in Downtown Jersey City, Subia’s is a great spot offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. They have an assortment of desserts, from gluten-free cookies to cupcakes, to satisfy your sweet tooth. Any of their delicious sandwiches can be customized into gluten-free. Their gluten-free waffles will have you craving more! 


Roman Nose JC – 125 Newark Ave

Located right on the plaza of downtown Jersey City, this Italian restaurant offers gluten-free and vegan options. It is a charming spot perfect for a date night or family dinner! 


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Sapthagiri Taste Of India – 737 Newark Ave

If you’re craving South Indian food, this spot provides many gluten-free options. Their detailed menu lets you know which items are gluten-free and vegan, making identifying what dish you can enjoy easier. 


Two Boots Pizza – 133 Newark Ave

Two Boots has excellent gluten-free and vegan options to customize your pie if you’re craving pizza. In addition, they have several creative pizza options, making pizza night easy for you, especially if you are gluten-free! 


Whealth Kitchen & Bake shop – 615 Pavonia Ave

Whealth Kitchen has many gluten-free options, and they bake their gluten-free bread right on-site! Their bake shop will have you wanting to purchase everything from brownies to scones. 

Tips for Transitioning to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle 

Transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle can seem overwhelming initially, but preparation and becoming knowledgeable can help you make it a part of your daily routine with ease. Here are some tips to help you through your gluten-free journey! 

  • Speak with a nutritionist or healthcare provider to help you on your journey. 
  • Educate yourself & Join a Group – Gluten can hide in unexpected places, from salad dressing to many processed foods. You can join local food groups on social media to help you through your new lifestyle. Having support will hold you accountable and make the transition enjoyable. 
  • Focus on whole foods such as vegetables, lean meat, legumes, nuts, and seeds as part of your diet. 
  • Plan your meals in advance. 
  • Save this list of Gluten-free options for when you want to treat yourself and go out! 
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