Learn to Dance in Jersey City


“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie.” -Agnes de Mille

Learn to Dance
Jersey City Ballet. Photo by Kristen Hazzard.

Whether standing alone in front of a mirror in an empty studio, experiencing joy with a group of people as you pour with sweat in a group class, or creating memories with your loved ones moving to your favorite song at home, there is nothing quite like dancing. The ability to use your body on your own or with others to create and express is extremely rewarding.

In Jersey City we are blessed to have a plethora of unique and diverse opportunities for adult dancers to learn something new, make new friends, dance as a form of exercise, or train in an amateur or professional capacity.

Below is our breakdown on all the places in Jersey City where dance education for adults is provided. Additionally, many of these studios and companies can be seen performing in community events throughout Jersey City and are available for collaborations and events with other local business partners.


Jersey City Ballet 

If you have ever aspired to learn ballet, rekindle a childhood passion, or benefit from a form of dance that tones and strengthens, then the adult ballet program at Jersey City Ballet has something for you! Judith Elins Palacio, director of Jersey City Ballet, started off her career teaching adults.

“My first teaching job was at a studio that only taught adults classes. They came to class with a seriousness and determination that was inspiring. At Jersey City Ballet, one of our goals was to be an accommodating space for adult dance students wanting technically sound and level appropriate class,” Judith states.

“Adult dancers, especially beginners, want to move and that’s what we teach, movement, not positions.  Adult dancers are serious about their pursuit of dance. They deserve a serious thoughtful level appropriate class. We offer that at Jersey City Ballet. We understand that the adult dancer wants to dance with other adult dancers and wants to be taken seriously regardless of their level of expertise.”

Learn to Dance
Jersey City Ballet dancers. Photo by Kristen Hazzard

Jersey City Ballet is located on the 3rd floor of the Brunswick Center at 189 Brunswick Street. Adult ballet classes are offered M, T, W, Th, and Sat. each week. For more information on their adult classes and schedules you can visit their website here.  To contact the studio you may call 551-655-9875 or email jerseycityballet@gmail.com.


Shehnaaz Dance Academy

“Groove to the beats of Bollywood Music while you de-stress, learn some moves, burn some calories and make new friends!”

Shehnaaz Dance Academy conducts BollyHIIT classes for adults every week. This is a combination of cardio and choreography to Bollywood Songs. Their BollyHIIT classes take place every Wednesday at 7:30pm at Performing Arts Workshop, located at 196 Morgan Street in Jersey City. Their Thursday 7:30pm class is offered at a location in Paulus Hook.

Along with this, they also hold workshops for adults that focus on a different genre each time! You can also catch the dancers from Shehnaaz Dance Academy performing at many local events in Jersey City throughout the year.

Learn to Dance
Photo courtesy of Shehnaaz Dance Academy

For more information you can call 201-455-7285 or email ShehnaazDanceAcademy@gmail.com.


Jersey City Ballroom 

If you’re looking for instruction in ballroom and Latin dancing, you’re in luck! Jersey City Ballroom offers incredible training and opportunities for all levels. Whether you’re looking to learn to dance for a wedding or special event, wanting to try out swing and salsa, make new friends social dancing, or are a serious dancer looking for competitive Dancesport and show dance opportunities, Jersey City Ballroom can meet your needs.

“Jersey City Ballroom offers lessons and classes in Latin, ballroom, salsa, swing, tango and other partner dances. We believe that dance makes life better and continues to create a community where students can bond with each other through dancing. Whether you’re looking to develop a new hobby, improve your individual skills, compete, perform, or meet others who love to dance, our team of highly skilled instructors will help you thrive!” Shimkiri (co-owner) states.

The studio hosts free monthly open houses, fun themed social dances throughout the year, two student showcases in December and April, as well as regularly showcasing their staff and students at various community events around Jersey City.

Learn to Dance
Photo courtesy of Jersey City Ballroom

Jersey City Ballroom is located on the 3rd floor of the Brunswick Center at 189 Brunswick Center. For more information you can check out their website here, call 201-969-6260 or email info@jerseycityballroom.com.  The large studio also offers event space rental for the community.


The Kennedy Dancers 

The Kennedy Dancers is a non-profit, Jersey City based, professional, American Dance company which was established in 1976 with a mission of bringing high quality dance training and professional performance opportunities to the NY/NJ metro area.

The Kennedy Dancers provides adult dancers in our community with ample opportunities and styles to dance every single day. Adult classes include Hip Hop, Ballet, Party Line Dances, Belly Dance, Salsa, and Zumba. The center also holds Tai Chi and Yoga classes. Their full class schedule can be found here. 

The Kennedy Dancers also offers free professional dance classes for adults who want to start a career in dance and are currently working as dancers/dance teachers.

Senior Citizens (60+) can come for free as long as they provide proof of Hudson County residence. Adults 18-59 receive a discounted price.

Learn to Dance
Photo courtesy of @thekennedydancers

The Kennedy Dancers Repertory Center is located at 79 Central Ave in the Heights. For more information you can visit their website here, call 201-659-2190, or email kennedydancers@aol.com


Khushi Dance Academy

Khushi Dance Academy’s mission is to teach students discipline, concentration, focus, positive attitude, unity, and above all awareness to Indian culture through classical dance forms. The techniques learned through Bharatanatyam are essential in becoming a versatile, graceful, and strong dancer. Khushi Dance Academy’s director says that a key goal for the dance academy is to instill in its dancers an enthusiasm and desire to have a positive influence within their community.

Khushi Dance Academy offers Indian Classical dance- Bharatanatyam as well as semi-classical- Bollywood instruction.

Photo courtesy of Khushi Dance Academy

The dance academy is located at 142 Bowers Street in Jersey City. For more information you can call 201-204-6006 or Email: khushidance14@gmail.com.


Caribbean Soul Dance Company 

Want to learn something new from a true master of dance? Caribbean Soul Dance Company has something to spice up your life! Founded by owner and instructor Ismael Otero, this outside of the box dance company offers unique stylings, flavor, and technique. Otero is known as the “Salsa Composer” because of his innovative approach to dance routines.

Carribean Soul Dance Company has several options for adult dancers in Jersey City. Each Tuesday, the school offers Bachata classes as well as Spin and Movement classes. Every Wednesday there are beginner and intermediate salsa classes. On Thursdays there is a “Fundamentals of Movement in Salsa” class with Ana Saoco.

Photo courtesy of Caribbean Soul Dance School

Additionally, the space is also available for photo shoots and event space rental. Caribbean Soul Dance Company is located at 682 Summit Ave. in Jersey City. For more information, visit the website here, call 201-913-1799, or email at mambotero2@hotmail.com.


Performing Arts Workshop 

If you would like to learn how to dance, but not sure exactly where you fit in, you might want to check out the Performing Arts Workshop. With a variety of different dance styles to offer, you can find what’s best for you.

The Performing Arts Workshop​ is the product of a lifetime spent in the studio, on the stage and behind the scenes. It began with the belief that a quality arts education should be accessible and meaningful.

One of the opportunities adult dancers have within The Performing Arts Workshop is with The Gurukul Dance School. These adult classes provide authentic dance education in a creative environment. Students of all ages come to learn a multitude of styles including Kathak, Bollywood, Folk, Contemporary, Jazz, and many more. Classes are offered every Tuesday at 5:30pm and 8:00pm.

If you have ever wanted to master the beautiful style of Flamenco dance, you can check out the school’s “Cana y Cadencia” class with Natalia Basava. In this Flamenco workshop for beginners, you will learn posture, body control, hand movements, footwork and flamenco rhythms. People of all fitness levels and abilities can enjoy Flamenco dance! Students will learn basic choreography in the style of Tangos Flamenco.

Another opportunity for adult dancers is their BollyHIIT classes on Wednesdays at 8:00pm. This class is offered by Shehnaaz Dance Academy (mentioned above).

Writer Jen Belcher dancing. Photo by Melissa Pauline

For more about adult classes and schedule you can click here. The Performing Arts Workshop is located at 196 Morgan St. on the ground floor. To contact the company for more information you can call 201-424-3075 or email them at info@performingartsworkhop-nj.com.


Salsa Fever on 2

At Salsa Fever on 2 Dance Academy, “timing is everything!” If you have ever wanted to learn a fun, energetic, and fulfilling social dance, Salsa Fever on 2 Dance Academy is one of the best places in town for instruction! Salsa Fever On2 has been in business since 2000. Salsa Fever on 2 has a reputation for providing students with award-winning instruction in a fun and stress-free environment.

Classes are offered on a daily basis and there are a wide range of classes and opportunities for Jersey City residents interested in social dancing. Their full calendar can be found here.  Schedule highlights include: Beginner to Advanced Salsa classes, Hustle, Bachata, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango, and more.

Photo courtesy of @salsafeveron2

Salsa Fever on 2 Dance Academy is located at 83 Franklin St. in Jersey City. They can be reached at 201-792-1616 and sfon2services@gmail.com.


Rooh Dance Fitness Class 

Rooh Dance Academy was co-founded by Nafisa, a choreographer, artistic director, and teacher. The academy began with the belief that quality arts education should be accessible and meaningful. Our programs will engage people of all ages in arts experiences designed to build self-esteem, develop creative expression and promote healthy living.

The center offers classes for adult ladies every Thursday and Friday from 11:30am-12:30pm. According to their website, they offer classes in Zumba, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jive, Bollywood, Salsa, Kathak, Odissi, and Belly Dance.

Photo courtesy of @roohdfs1

Rooh Dance Academy is located at 2983 John F. Kennedy Blvd, 4th Fl,Suite 402 in Jersey City. The studio can be reached at 201-736-7775 or roohdfs@gmail.com


Nimbus Dance

Nimbus Dance offers comprehensive dance instruction in Jersey City. They boast authentic dance classes as well as fitness classes for adults. All classes are taught by working professional artists and Nimbus Dance company members in a vibrant environment.  Classes include beginner through advanced ballet, intermediate modern, beginner and intermediate hip hop, intermediate jazz, afro contemporary, zumba, zumba strong (HIIT), yoga, and wildly fit. Their full schedule can be found here.

Photo courtesy of @nimbusdanceworks

Nimbus Dance is currently located at 165 Newark Ave. The studio will be moving to the new location and facilities at 321 Warren Street this summer. For more information you can email School@nimbusdanceworks.org.