Jersey City Summer Camps 2022: Why You Should Enroll Your Child

Jersey City Summer Camps
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When was the last time your child made a new friend? Tried something new? Played outside? We’ve kept away from other people since mid-March of 2020, and we’ve become accustomed to a masked face. So many kids have gotten so used to learning remotely that they forget or may have never experienced interactions outside of their immediate circle at all! There are many Jersey City summer camps that are enrolling kids now, check them out and find the best one for your child!


Why is Summer Camp Important? 

Camp gives chances for children to connect with new friends.

Chances to connect with new individuals have been close to non-existent. Camp will be a huge opportunity for children to be around new people for the first time in a very long time. Numerous kids who have started nursery, pre-K, or day care in the previous year might have been waiting for different reasons, including a parent’s comfort level, health reasons, or just a matter of affordability.

Kids are supposed to have “normal” interactions with one another when they are back together, and many will have complications in a social environment, or in a learning environment that is constantly filled with different people.

At summer camp, every child is put in a group with other children who they might have never met. This way they are put in a situation where meeting new people and interacting is inevitable. The staff is prepared to play conversation starter games and have discussions that make solace right from the beginning. 

Jersey City Summer Camps

Not only that, but just because summer has started and school has ended for the year, the majority of parents are still working! Summer camp enables parents to stay on top of their daily schedule with minimal worry in terms of childcare. Letting your child be with other kids in a safe and fun learning environment just takes the stress out of your day! 

They’ll be able to learn new life skills, meet new people, and continue their education in a fun and active way. Afterwards, the campers will eventually bring these new skills with them into the new school year or other new friendly circumstances.


Jersey City Summer Camps 

Jersey City Summer Camps

Looking For Some Local Camps? These Jersey City Summer Camps have some of the best ratings and programs for children in 2022, check them out!

Here are our top 5 selections:


189 Brunswick Street, Jersey City, NJ, 07302 – Phone: 201-420-1550


110 1stStreet, Jersey City, NJ, 07302 – Phone: 201-721-6000

3. Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County (Kindergarten – Age 13)

225 Morris Boulevard Jersey City – Phone: 201-333-4100


675 Monmouth St. Jersey City, NJ – Phone: 201-743-9190

5. MY GYM (2.5yrs – 13yrs)

252 9th Street, Jersey City, NJ, 07302 – Phone: 201-205-1218

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