Holiday Wishlists for Jersey City Animals

It’s the season for giving, and these days, there are so many in need of a helping hand. For all you animal lovers out there, your local shelters and rescues are one of them. They have holiday wishlists and donation needs to keep the Jersey City animals in their care healthy, happy–and most importantly– adoption and foster ready! Let’s look at eight local rescues to learn more about what they do, what sort of donations they need for their animals, and spotlight a pet from each one who needs a home for the holidays! 


Liberty Humane Society

Liberty Humane Society is Jersey City’s municipal shelter that takes in dogs, cats, and occasionally other pets such as birds and ferrets. Liberty not only has animal adoptions, but they offer low-cost wellness clinics*, education, and surrender prevention to the people of Jersey City. LHS takes in thousands of animals every year and is always in need of donations to keep the wheels running. *Due to coronavirus the low-cost clinics are currently not running.

Featured Pet:

The pet they want a home for most this holiday season is Bastest, an affectionate, low energy Pit Bull mix who would like to be the only pet in her new family.

Jersey City Animals
Photo courtesy of Liberty Humane Society


Jersey Cats

Founded ten years ago, Jersey Cats is a small, foster-based cat rescue that takes cats off the street of Jersey City and Hoboken and adopts them out. Along with a mesh playpen for mischievous kittens, their biggest need is covering medical expenses.

Featured Pet:

The kitty they would like to feature is Dumpling, a sweet two-year-old who loves everyone. Dumpling is not currently up for adoption as she is working on a weight loss journey first. Be sure to follow along on Instagram, @jerseycatsorg, and apply to adopt when she’s healthier!

Photo courtesy of Jersey Cats


See Spot Rescued

See Spot Rescued is a Jersey City based dog rescue that pulls dogs from overcrowded animal shelters and puts them into foster homes. Along with their typical wish list, SSR would love to have gift certificates to the obedience school Instinct Dog Behavior and Training to help their dogs be the best they can be.

Featured Pet:

The dog they would like to get adopted soon is Panettone, a 1-2-year-old Pointer mix who is eager to please and would love an owner who enjoys training with her.

Photo courtesy of See Spot Rescued


Metro Cats

Metro Cats is a cat rescue based in Jersey City that takes in cats who are living on the street or at risk of euthanasia in local shelters to find them new homes, as well as care for feral cat colonies. Metro Cats has a wish list, but their biggest need is to pay medical bills for the kitties in their care, as well as a net gun.

Featured Pet:

Though she won’t be available until January, this rescue would like a home for Jemma, a friendly and intelligent cat who was found after she gave birth in a car bound for the junkyard.

Jersey City Animals
Photo courtesy of Metro Cats


Final Hope Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Final Hope is a cat rescue and sanctuary that helps any feline in need regardless of health or behavior. With their own apartment in a private home in JC, kitties in this rescue are removed from the street and put up for adoption or cared for for the rest of their lives within the sanctuary. Along with their typical needs Final Hope would like a cat wheel for the kitties to exercise.

Featured Pet:

Athens is the cat this organization would like to find a home for this holiday season. After being abandoned on their doorstep when injured, three-year-old Athens has waited a year for a new family. He’s a big boy who does well with children but prefers to be the only pet. He is FIV+ but otherwise healthy, and cats with this condition can live happy full lives.

Photo courtesy of Final Hope Rescue


Joyrides Rescue

A new organization founded in 2016 by Heather Wheeler of Houston, TX, Joyrides partners with rescuers in other locations—such as their Jersey City manager Michelle Zelany. They transport dogs from Houston to foster homes around Jersey City, as well as pulling local cats from shelters for adoption. Along with financial donations, Joyrides could use some large dog crates.

Featured Pet:

The animal they want to find a home for this holiday season is Buttercup, a goofy and loving three-year-old, 60lb hound mix. She is housebroken, already knows some commands, and would do best as an only pet with an experienced owner without young kids. She does have mild hip dysplasia, but this just requires daily supplements.

Jersey City Animals
Photo courtesy of Joyrides Rescue


PAD-PAWS Animal Rescue

PAD-PAWS was founded in 2006 by a group of seasoned rescuers. They specialize in rescuing injured and abandoned cats along the Hudson River. The animals are given love and medical care while in foster homes and then adopted out. This is the rescue’s regular wish list.

Featured Pets:

They would like to find a home for Hagrid and Luna, two bonded outdoor cats. They need an experienced adopter who can help them adjust to life as house pets in their golden years.

Photo courtesy of PAD-PAWS


Companion Animal Trust

Founded by Carol McNicol in 2004, Companion Animal Trust is a no-kill cat rescue. CAT rehouses the stray cats in Jersey City and has a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program for ferals who are not suitable as pets. You may have seen kitties for adoption from CAT hosted by local store Fussy Friends. Recently, CAT has also opened the Jersey City Cat Food Pantry to help local cat lovers who may be struggling financially due to coronavirus. Currently, this rescue would like food and litter for their resident cats and the pantry, as well as a kitten incubator.

Featured Pet:

The cat this rescue would like to feature is Sasha, a friendly two-year-old who is eager for a new family of her very own.

Jersey City Animals
Photo courtesy of Companion Animal Trust


There’s an overabundance of need for the homeless Jersey City animals and the surrounding areas this holiday season. Remember, if you can’t adopt, foster, if you can’t foster, donate, and if you can’t donate, just spread the word!

Tracie Koehnlein
Author: Tracie Koehnlein

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