Greener JC Launches New Green Business Toolkit 

By Erin Hill and Greener JC Interns

Helping Jersey City residents and their businesses become more sustainable is one of Greener JC’s core objectives. Implementing eco-friendly practices not only saves the environment from further harm, but can help businesses save money while improving the greater community. To aid local businesses in getting their start in sustainability, we have launched a Green Business Toolkit and are hosting a Green Business Community Event on Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 10 a.m. to noon. To RSVP to the Community Event, and learn more about the Green Business Toolkit, please click here.

greener jc green businesses toolkit

The Toolkit 

The goal was to create a comprehensive Toolkit that can aid local businesses in Jersey City in becoming more sustainable. Thus, the Green Business Toolkit offers resources such as grants, incentives, education, and outreach around the areas of waste, energy management and other sustainable topics! There is no denying the impact of climate change and the call for residents and businesses alike to take action in the fight. With our Green Business Toolkit, Greener JC hopes to help businesses foster a stronger connection with the environment and community by going green.

Our awesome summer interns, Shannon Diaz and Abdulrafay Amir, who helped develop the Green Business Toolkit said, “When designing this resource library, it was important to make the Green Business information easily accessible for our current certified green businesses within Jersey City and those just getting started. We aim to enhance processes and create a more efficient and greener business landscape by providing local businesses with the most accurate, up-to-date information. We will share our knowledge and expertise in areas such as energy consumption, waste reduction, water conservation and much more.”

greener jc toolkit

Greener JC is truly committed to aiding Jersey City in becoming a flourishing community; one that not only works to help our environment become a healthier place, but inspires change. The Green Business Toolkit contains valuable information on various programs that businesses can utilize, such as Jersey City’s Green Business Certification, community solar and information on energy efficiency programs that can aid business owners with purchases of energy efficient equipment and in turn save them money. Our motivation stems from seeing the opportunity to provide education and help businesses take the first step in their sustainable journey, as well as the growing interest among businesses in wanting to be more eco friendly. 


Green Business Community Event

In addition to the launch of our Green Business Toolkit, the conversation regarding becoming more sustainable continues at our upcoming Greener JC Virtual Green Business Community Event! On Saturday, October 23, 2021, we invite businesses to attend this virtual event from 10 a.m. to noon where they can learn more about helping their businesses and the Jersey City community be greener and network with fellow businesses and speakers! The event will be broken into segments, kicked off by an introductory panel who will discuss and break down sustainability practices and relevant topics to New Jersey businesses. Following the panel’s discussion, the event will split into Zoom breakout sessions hosted by local experts in sustainability who will lead conversations surrounding Green Business Practices 101, plastic reduction, and how to become a Certified Green Business in Jersey City.

greener jc green businesses toolkit

Be sure to attend as the event will contain invaluable pieces of information for business owners! Additionally, Greener JC has an exciting announcement to share about an upcoming grant opportunity at the event! We look forward to engaging with all businesses small and large with the launch of our Green Business Toolkit and the Green Business Community Event! For any questions, suggestions, feedback, or comments, please contact us at

Erin Hill
Author: Erin Hill