Go Solar, Community Solar!

Jersey City residents can now join the renewable energy revolution through New Jersey’s new Community Solar Energy Pilot Program. The community solar program is part of the State’s commitment to environmental justice by providing equitable access to renewable energy and supports the larger goal of 100% clean energy by 2050. Greener JC has partnered with PowerMarket and Solar Landscape to educate Jersey City residents about community solar and how they can participate!


What is Community Solar?

Community solar allows Jersey City residents, both homeowners and renters, to access solar power without the need or hassle of installing panels on their property. Instead, residents interested in purchasing clean energy can subscribe to a community solar array project which has been constructed within our energy utility’s (PSE&G) territory where it supplies clean energy to the local power grid. As a resident in Jersey City, you can subscribe to a community solar project, and in return you’ll receive a financial credit on your monthly electric bill for the energy produced from your share of the community solar project.

Community Solar
Infographic by Greener JC


Why Participate?

In short, you will save money while supporting local clean energy! The community solar program is committed to serving low-to moderate-income (LMI) communities, and 51% of subscribers must be LMI. As a community solar subscriber, you will receive credits each month on your PSE&G bill. These credits will go toward offsetting the cost of your bill, 10%-15% savings are guaranteed. It is really that simple! There is no cost to join or cancel, no hidden fees, and no long term commitment. You will still remain a customer of PSE&G and receive monthly bills, but with a reduction from your community solar credits. Additionally, unlike fossil fuel, solar power is a clean and renewable energy source that does not release any greenhouse gases or harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. By subscribing to a community solar project you can decrease your carbon footprint, help reduce air pollution, and support local job creation. Embrace a more sustainable and resilient future and join the community solar revolution!


Our Partners

Solar Landscape by Yvette Viasus, Community Outreach Coordinator

“As a previous community solar customer from my time living in NYC, I’m excited to be a part of the effort bringing community solar to New Jersey. It’s really important to expand the benefits of renewable energy to all New Jerseyans, especially marginalized communities and give everyone the opportunity to play a part in fighting climate change.” – Adrian Varga, PowerMarket Energy Analyst

Community Solar Project
PowerMarket’s Caven Point Community Solar Project located in Jersey City by Hartz Mountain

PowerMarket’s Caven Point community solar project is located at 99 Caven Point Road in Jersey City. However, Jersey City residents can subscribe to any of PowerMarket’s community solar projects located in the PSE&G territory.


Sign Up Today!

Jersey City residents can sign up through Greener JC via our partnerships with PowerMarket and Solar Landscape.  By using the links below, you’ll also be supporting clean energy and your  local sustainability nonprofit. 

  • Join today with PowerMarket here. Residents who join now will receive a $100 sign up bonus! For every friend you successfully refer, you’ll both receive an additional $100!
  • Sign up with Solar Landscape at gosolarlandscape.com and use the promo code SGJC. Sign up today and receive a $100 visa gift card!

Still not convinced? View a recording from Greener JC’s Community Meeting about community solar here.

Community solar program
Infographic from GreenerJC

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Erin Hill
Author: Erin Hill