When Can I Throw Out My Christmas Tree!?


It is officially 2020 so New Year’s resolutions and “New Year New Me” mindsets are in full effect. From experience the best way to start off this new year is with a clean slate which means putting away all that Christmas decor and retiring the tree. From there you may be inspired to continue purging your pantry and closets of excess canned goods and that “super adorable” sweater your grandmother bought you. And don’t forget it’s TAX season! Are you already overwhelmed? Don’t worry we’re here to make your life easier and put together everything you need to know about starting off 2020 with not only a clean home but a fresh start.


Jersey City Christmas Tree Removal Days

It’s about that time when Christmas trees start lining the streets so here is when you should put it outside and pro tips for those living in an apartment.

  • Jersey City tree removal is every Thursday morning throughout the month of January
  • Put it out on Wednesday night with no bag, no ornaments and no lights
Apartment pro tips:
  • Put in a service request for the staff to take the tree down (Be sure to tip!)
  • Take the service elevator. If there isn’t one, pick a time when the elevator isn’t as used.
  • Whatever you do, do not put the tree down the garbage chute!
Christmas tree
Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

Donate All That Excess Food

Bought too many canned goods for the holidays but don’t want them to go to waste? Here are a few food pantries in Jersey City that you can donate to.

Photo by Daria Volkova on Unsplash

Clothing Donation

Out with the old and in with the new. The holidays are over and it’s time to sift through your closet but don’t let your clothes go to waste, here are a few places that would appreciate your donations!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Organize Me!

Don’t have the time or energy to organize your home, don’t worry someone else will do it for you! Check out these local professional organizers to get your home looking perfect.

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No it’s not April 15th quite yet but tax season has started and why make your life harder by procrastinating? Here are accountants in your area so schedule an appointment before everyone is rushing in.

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Doctor! Doctor! Give Me The News!

Been pushing off appointments to see the doctor? Schedule now and start the year off by getting your health in check!

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