Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If you haven’t picked something up for your Valentine yet, check out this personality based Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for some inspiration!


For the Dancer

Join Jersey City Ballroom for their Valentine’s Day Couples Dance and spice up your Friday night plans with a couples’ Rumba and Tango Dance Class. $50 Per Couple

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Jersey City Ballroom


For the Active One

Is your Valentine always ready to try something new? Check out Tomahawks for a thrilling and engaging night unlike your typical dinner date.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Axe throwing. Photo courtesy of Tomahawks


For the Accessorizer

Noellery has collections ranging from subtle to bold, simple to intricate, and classic to chic, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your partner’s style.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Noellery


For the Self-Care Enthusiast

Get pampered together at Salvation Wellness and enjoy a relaxing, yet refreshing CBD massage to melt away any winter stress.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Salvation Wellness


For the Foodie

If you love food as much as I do, Beyond the Plate Food Tours is a perfect way to turn a simple dinner date into an adventure for you and your Valentine.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Beyond the Plate Food Tours


For the Bookworm

Is your Valentine much more interested in books than engaging in typical Valentine’s day activities? Word bookstore has the gift that keeps on giving with a book subscription tailored to their favorite genres and is delivered right to their door!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Word Bookstore


For The Creative Couple

Art Mango Valentine Couple’s Night is for couples or friends that want to celebrate LOVE together. Come in and paint a canvas each, and leave with a joint masterpiece!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Art Mango


For the Homebody

If you don’t have the time to shop but have Amazon Prime, check out this cozy weighted blanket and have it shipped in time for Valentine’s Day. You won’t ever want to leave the house!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Syrinx


For the Sustainable Soul

Reusable tote from Vivi Girl Shop. For that person who’s on a mission to help the world become zero waste – in style.

Photo courtesy of Vivi Girl Shop


For the Pet Lover

Kanibal & Co. has unique pillows for your special someone to let everyone know who rules the couch!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of Kanibal & Co.


For the One With Good ‘Spirits’

Chocolate and wine, the most common gifts to receive on Valentine’s Day but pairing them together can get a little sticky. Go to either of Coolvines locations in Jersey City from 6pm to 8pm on Valentine’s Day to learn how to properly pair the two for a delectable treat for your taste buds.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Photo courtesy of


For the DIY-ers

In the words of J.Lo, “My love don’t cost a thing.”

Make a playlist

Homemade meal

Bake them their favorite treat

Handwritten love note

Run them a bath with candles and flowers

Create a coupon book


“If you’re looking to gift some sweet treats, check out our article “Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in JC

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