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get cuffed in JC
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Looking for hot singles in your area? It’s the height of cuffing season, a yearly phenomenon that hits contently unattached folks when the temperature drops and causes them to want to pair off and “handcuff” themselves to someone in order to hunker down and binge watch The Witcher together until it’s warm enough to go out again. The apps just aren’t cutting it in helping us find our winter cuddle buddies this year, so we’re ready to venture out and meet people the old-fashioned way: in person.

With all of the amazing places to go in Jersey City, though, it’s hard to know what the hotspots are right now to meet other single people looking to find someone to “cuff” for the season. We went to the experts and surveyed over 100 JC singles and asked them where their favorite place is in Jersey City to meet people on a night out. Whether you want to meet a special someone or just meet some fun people at new places, this list is sure to guarantee a fun night out, cuffed or on the loose.


South House 

“South House has good food, amazing employees, a pool table, and just nice vibes overall to meet people.” – Moe M.

“South House is probably my favorite place to meet folks in the city. It has the standard level of relaxing and grabbing drinks and getting to know people, though it can get super busy at times. If you’re feeling active, you can hop downstairs for shuffleboard or pool.” – Chris G.

One of the most popular answers from our singles was South House in the heart of the Downtown bar scene (as were many of the popular survey answers), thanks to its lively bar upstairs and gaming area downstairs. The weekends can get pretty wild and loud with seasonal events and live music, so this is the perfect place for outgoing singles to meet other fun people who would love to go head-to-head in a game of foosball.

get cuffed in JC
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Rooftop at Exchange Place 

“Exchange Place is THE spot spot. Of all the spots. Everything else in JC pales in comparison. With the entire NJ coastline there, it has the best views of the city. The waterfront places, like Exchange Place, have the best spots to meet people, especially at night. At night you almost fall in love with the city, so who knows – you might find someone there to fall in love with, too.” – Abdul H.

To find the single young professionals unwinding in Jersey City, just head to the Rooftop at Exchange Place, conveniently located just a few steps off the Exchange Place station PATH. The upscale venue with a strict dress code features a rooftop level, with heaters, and a window-enclosed terrace level, both with incredible skyline views that attracts hip, young singles who love an Instagrammable moment.

get cuffed in JC
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“I like to go to Six26. I’ve been there a couple times, but the Sunday drag brunches are cool because a lot of people show up. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere, especially since it’s an LGBT bar/lounge.” – Mary Z.

Six26, named after the date of when gay marriage became legal in all 50 states, is one of Jersey City’s most happening LGBT spaces and rooftop bars. With weekly events like drag shows, DJ sets, and karaoke, it’s an accepting, endlessly entertaining place to meet like-minded, fun-loving singles on the dance floor, encouraging the local performers at the bar, or joining in on belting out a crowd-favorite song together.

get cuffed in JC
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“It’s a casual place, so it’s easy to meet people while you’re waiting around for consoles to open up. You don’t have to be the most interesting person in the world because there are video games.” – Christine B.

Sometimes the best icebreaker is a pinball machine. Barcade, the original arcade bar, is a mecca for video game lovers, and the perfect place for them to meet other gamers who would love to share their quarters with them. The weekends are packed, so grab a drink, scope out some games, and come prepared to give high fives for high scores with potential Players 2s.

get cuffed in JC
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“The best spots are in Downtown to mingle and party. Really anywhere you venture off the Grove Street Stop is worth it.” – Marco T.

To meet other cocktail-loving singles, dullboy is the hot place to go when it’s cold. What sets them apart from other amazing cocktail joints in Jersey City is the Sunday night movie nights, where classic movies, like When the Grinch Stole Christmas and Robocop, can be enjoyed over drinks and upscale bar food. Strike up a conversation and, boom, you have an instant first date: dinner and a movie!

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Pet Shop 

“I’ve met partners at Pet Shop. It’s a great choice. The food’s excellent, prices are reasonable, and they have live music.” – Javier S.

“I frequent Pet Shop A LOT and it’s definitely my favorite to interact with people. It has genuine people and a great environment.” – Tina T.

Spending one night hanging out in Pet Shop almost guarantees going home with a ton of new friends. It’s just that kind of place with friendly, accepting regulars who know how to have a good time while making you feel immediately like one of the gang. It also has one of the best wine bars in the city downstairs in the perfect, intimately lit spot to steal away from the live music upstairs and get to know someone with a big glass of winter white in hand.

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Zeppelin Hall 

“It’s such a welcoming environment and has great beers.” – Deo G.

Zeppelin Hall is for serious beer lovers, featuring a rotating selection of drafts and bottles of some hard-to-find favorites of connoisseurs, making it a great place to bond with other IPA fanatics over a beer. The Thursday night Game Night Meet Ups are also a fun, casual way to meet new people by jumping in on a game of Cards Against Humanity and showing off your sense of humor to the cutie across the table.

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Your Local Coffee Shop

A hot cup of coffee on a cold day is enough to pull us out of our houses in the winter and is also a perfect way to run into people from the neighborhood also looking for a little warmth. Meeting people at your local café is a low-key, no-pressure way to socialize and make new, nearby friends. A few places mentioned by our singles include Semicolon Cafe, Maggie’s Farm Espresso, Hidden Grounds, Snapdragon as friendly spots that not only serve a great cup of coffee, but also attract interesting, friendly people who, thanks to local loyalty and need for caffeine, you end up seeing again and again. So set up a laptop, bring a book, and try to get something brewing with a regular over a couple of lattes.

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One of the most common sentiments we heard from our surveyed singles was that meeting people at a bar or café is a nice idea, but it’s hard to strike up and keep a meaningful conversation going out of the blue. So instead, they prefer to meet people at events with a built-in conversation starter. The adults-only Liberty Science Center After Dark events, held monthly on the third Thursday, opens the Center up to allow party goers who love science to explore, try local food stalls, drink themed cocktails, dance, and more, making it the perfect place to meet other fun-loving, science buffs. One way to meet people with a good sense of humor is to check out the robust comedy scene in Jersey City — that way you could go home with a date and find your next favorite comedian. The food-filled Midnight Market events, hosted at Harborside Atrium, are starting up for 2020 on Valentine’s Day, so why not attend, eat some amazing street snacks, and meet a last-minute Valentine who knows how to have a good time?

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Check out our event calendar for tons of fun events happening daily in Jersey City.

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