TOP 20 ways to start 2020 right


I can’t believe it, but 2020 is just days away. Now that the holiday feasting and present giving is over, so many of my clients and friends are talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. They talk about things they want to give up, weight they want to lose, or bucket lists they hope tick off. I like to do something different, and I’d love to ask you to join me in this upcoming New Year. Every year I like to create an intention instead of a resolution. Think about it! With resolutions it’s something you have to abide by, struggle to achieve, or avoid when you’re really secretly dreaming about the things you generally would rather do. It’s doomed to failure! With Intentions I feel like it frees me up to be creative and think big about my year. I’m not restricted by it but rather encouraged by it. I have had some years where my intention is “living the dream” or “abondanza” and that’s what I generally use as a guide to find new experiences throughout the year. This year I am creating an intention of “frolic like a boss”. I can’t wait to be playful while I’m building my business! One of the ways I’m going to do that is by finding the most fun and effective wellness in town. What better day to start that than on January 1st?! So I’ve put together my top 20 ways to start 2020 off right – a few to ring the new year in, a few to do on the 1st, and several that I’m going to do throughout the month of January. Hope to see you there!




1. The Art of Living

Wellness is taking care of your energy. This small, local and intimate space is really wonderful for meditation and they are hosting a beautiful evening of meditation and singing to ring in the new year.

Midnight Meditation and Kirtan – 10:00pm Dec 31st and ends 12:30am Jan 1st.

New Year
Photo courtesy of Art of Living

2. Jivamukti Yoga

They have an entire evening of yoga, vegan dinner, meditations and blessings for their attendees.

Starts at 4:30pm Dec 31st, and ends around 12:30am Jan 1st.

New Year
Photo courtesy of Jivamukti





3. Salvation Wellness

With memory foam massage tables, heated blankets, 5 step CBD massages, and towels misted with pure essential oils, there is no better way to cure that hangover than a blissful massage. This place has been rated best wellness in Jersey City two years running, so don’t sleep on this spot (or do, cuz massages are that relaxing)

Massages and sauna – 3pm-9pm

New Year
Photo courtesy of Salvation Wellness

4. Ekiah Acupuncture

Wellness is all about balance, and Erin Kumpf, owner of Ekiah Acupuncture is in a league of her own (sorry for the bad movie reference). I have so many client’s I personally recommend to her, that have imbalances, who have been transformed. She is open on Jan 1st, and if you can, grab one of her last remaining appointment slots. You’ll be happy you did.

Appointments all day

Photo courtesy of Erin Kumpf



5. Simha Yoga

There are SO many yoga places here in Jersey City, but we had to highlight this one. The classes are given solely by owner Steven Chang and are some of the most functional, thoughtful, soulful, and well paced classes I have ever been to. In a beautiful and well lit yoga studio, it is intimate and challenging without being inaccessible.

Vinyasa Yoga – 9:30am, 10:45am

Photo courtesy of Simha Yoga

6. Hamilton Health and Fitness

If you haven’t been to one of Daniel’s TRX classes you have to try it! He will get your sweat on and make you laugh, all while teaching your body how to move functionally.

TRX – 9:30am, 6:00pm

Photo courtesy of Daniel at Hamilton Health and Fitness

7. Four Fitness

GUUUYYYYSSSS this is so cool. Four Fitness is celebrating their new gym with free classes ALL DAY on Jan 1! This small group training model works really well for those of us who need a lot of specific attention, so get in there and try a class!!

6:00am – strength training

7:00am – FUSION FITNESS – HIIT, weights, core

12:00pm – sweatbox – body weight and cardio

6:00pm – FUSION FITNESS – HIIT, weights, core

7:00pm – dumbbells and barbells class

Photo courtesy of Marcisco at Four Fitness

8. Body Soul Pole

Get your sexy on at this aerial arts studio in the Hamilton Park area. Located inside of the Brunswick center these classes are welcoming to all shapes, sizes, genders, and fitness levels. The teachers are inspiring and fun, and its SUCH A WORKOUT.

Open Pole Dance – 1:00pm

Photo courtesy of Body Soul and Pole

9. Cycle Bar

Do you want to start your year off SWEATING? Take a class here. This place is refreshing and exhausting, and you’ll sweat out ALL of last night’s booze.

9:30am – 10:15am with Steph Ray

10:45am – 11:30am with Ian

12:00pm – 12:45pm with Luis

New Year
Photo courtesy of cyclebar



10. More Life Cafe

Lets face it, we all need more greens in our life. What better way to get them than delicious vegan food?! This place is open for a healthy and yummy brunch on Jan 1st, and each day for lunch and dinner.

11:00am – 7:30pm

Photo courtesy of More Life Cafe

11. Whealth

Have food sensitivities?  Its so easy to eat gluten free, with this amazing food. The scintillating dishes created by owner David are SO amazing. One time he even customized a low carb savory lemon waffle for me. Check out this hidden gem in JC.

Gluten Free / Food Sensitivities – brunch specials for Jan 1st

Photo courtesy of



12. Liberty Science Center

Open Jan 1, they are celebrating their 12 days of science, including meet and greets with real reindeer, penguin presentations, and presentations with owls and hawks!

If you haven’t been here this place is a smorgasbord for children and kids at heart. Play with their interactive exhibits, go see a movie, and let you inner child free.

On January 1 specifically, you can enjoy a frozen hot chocolate presentation at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. In this presentation, scientists use liquid nitrogen to turn piping hot chocolate into a frozen treat, and then you can try a taste. Families can also take a spin on their Sock Skating Rink, which is open every day during 12 Days of Science. Additional activities include creating snow in the Snowflake Factory, soaring through space in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, sending birds soaring in the Angry Birds Universe exhibition, and exploring the Age of Dinosaurs in Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit.

12 Days of Science celebration runs from Dec. 26th through Jan. 1st

New Year
Photo courtesy of Liberty Science Center

13. Word bookstore

No one reads enough. It’s a fact. Let’s change that this year and read something mind blowing. Word bookstore isn’t just an awesome locally owned bookstore but a community space as well, with workshops, lectures, and a pretty solid coffee shop in the back. Don’t know what to read?

Try this 2020 reading challenge: 52 books by women of color in 52 weeks! Which one will you read first?

Open 9:00am – 9:00pm

New Year
Photo courtesy of Word




Art & Culture

14. Smush Gallery

Have you been to Smush? If not you should. They have amazing interactive shows, creative spaces for artists to thrive, as well as a residency program. For local and upcoming art, check it out.

Photo courtesy of Smush Gallery

15. Deep Space Gallery

Gallery, performance space, thrift store. It’s hidden on a side street of Bergen Lafayette and is open by event. Check them out online and support local arts, you will be happy you did.

New Year
Photo courtesy of Deep Space Gallery

16. 313 Gallery

Curated by jersey city local artist, Thomas John Carlson, this gallery is also an artist work space. With monthly art shows it has local and national artists to delight and please even the most discerning of walls. Go buy some art this January.

Photo courtesy of JoeComfortPhotography

17. LITM

This welcoming and creative JC staple has been  a backbone of the local artist scene for over 15 years. With monthly art openings on the 1st Tuesday of even month, you can see group art shows, get amazing food, and drink to your heARTS content. (See what I did there? I’m such a dork.)

Photo courtesy of LITM

18. Mana Contemporary

If you have a few hours and want to be transported to an artistic wonderland this is the place for you. They have multiple galleries, artist residencies, performance spaces, shows, community events, and even yoga led by one of their resident artists, this place is magical.

Photo courtesy of Mana Contemporary

19. JCTC

This small black box theater is really one of a kind here in JC. They put on unique and well produced plays and often incorporate the gallery show to the theme of the plays. Along with artist studios this is a place that will feed your creative soul and mind

Photo courtesy of JCTC

20. Mary Bethune Center

Wellness means community. This center is another hidden gem in the heart of Jersey City. Run by some talented and dedicated artists, many of the classes are free or subsidized for the residents. You can find classes such as African drumming dance, sculpture, painting, music lessons, business classes, adult learning classes in the evening, and more. It deserves your support. Do a class there this January!

New Year
Photo courtesy of the Bethune Center
Ceallaigh Pender
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When she isn’t writing for Everything Jersey City, Ceallaigh "Kia" is a massage therapist, movement specialist, yogini, master herbalist and aromatherapist who is trained in over 25 techniques and who has worked in the field of massage and wellness for over 20 years. As the owner of Salvation Wellness here in Jersey City, she has worked with various medical practitioners, physical therapists, and athletic teams, chiropractors, doctors, and high profile clientele such as professional athletes, olympic athletes, and famous musicians. She has had the privilege to volunteer with non-profit groups like The Hyacinth Foundation working with auto-immune patients, Life Rolls On working with mobility disabled children and adults due to both accute injury and congenital issues. She been a founder and board member of TEDxJerseyCity, Jersey CIty Resistance Choir, and Massage Without Borders. She currently sits as the New Jersey State Chair for Community Service fort he AMTA. She has taught as a professor at Cortiva Massage Institute in Hoboken, NJ. Lastly you can find her scientifically formulating organic, handmade bodycare products, that focuse on pain relief and healthy skin. Her CBD line of pain relief topicals, that she has perfected over years of work with her personal clients, can...