Guide to Kid-Friendly Parks in Jersey City


Living in Jersey City has boundless opportunities to have fun and enjoy being outdoors. And if you have kids, there are several parks around the city for all ages to enjoy. Each park offers unique opportunities for kids to get involved, from gardening, playgrounds for curious minds to explore, water activities, and community building. Check out the list of kid-friendly parks below so you can enjoy a day out with your kids and learn how you can get involved with your local park organizations! 


Berry Lane Park – 1000 Garfield Ave (Bergen-Lafayette)

More than 17 acres of property, this park used to include former rail yards, auto repair shops, and warehouses that now serve as a recreational space for Jersey City residents. It is a great park to bring your kids to, including two basketball courts, tennis courts, and soccer and baseball fields. It also includes the first poured-in-place concrete skate park in Hudson County!


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Bayside Park – 99 Bayside Park Dr  (Greenville)

Located in the Greenville section of Jersey City, this park is great for kids as it includes a water park, jungle gym for younger kids, tennis, basketball, and ramps for skateboarding. There is something for both younger and older kids! If you want to get your hands dirty and in touch with nature, check out their Bayside Crescent Pollinator Garden and Green Classroom. 


Leonard Gordon Park – 3303 John F. Kennedy Blvd (Heights)

This 5.7-acre park, known as Mosquito Park, is in the Heights. It is a great kid-friendly park with a designated playground for different ages and a basketball court. The local parks organization, Leonard Gordon Conservancy, does an incredible job with community engagement by hosting kid-friendly programming from Springfest to concerts and more. 


Liberty State Park – 1 Audrey Zapp Dr 

If you’re looking for an ideal family day out, look no further than Liberty State Park! This gem offers breathtaking views of the Hudson River and the iconic Statue of Liberty, making it an excellent choice for families. Its picturesque 2-mile riverfront promenade is perfect for strolls or bike rides—the park, with its vast green spaces, is ideal for flying kites and picnics. For the little ones, there’s a spacious playground equipped with connecting climbing structures, gentle slides, and bouncy bridges. There’s even a pretend sailing ship with two steering wheels and a lookout post overlooking the river. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the park’s Nature Center, where you can explore ecology with your kids in the great outdoors.


Lincoln Park – 1 County Rd 605 

Lincoln Park, the oldest and largest among Hudson County’s parks, is a great option for kids. With 150 acres in Lincoln Park East, you’ll find a wealth of amenities, including athletic facilities, playgrounds, historical monuments, winding trails, and even public Wi-Fi. For active individuals and families, the park boasts an array of options, from 21 tennis courts, baseball and softball diamonds, football fields, basketball courts, handball courts, soccer fields, a track field, and even a horseshoe pit. Plus, there are two fantastic children’s playgrounds for the little ones. The park also offers kayaking rentals in partnership with Urban Paddles. This is a perfect activity to do with older kids! 


Hamilton Park – 25 W Hamilton Pl (Downtown)

Hamilton Park is a 5.4-acre square green space just north of Downtown Jersey City. The park has a playground with age-appropriate equipment split for younger and older kids. There are basketball and tennis courts if your kids are active and looking to play outside. The Hamilton Park Conservancy also hosts family and kid-friendly events. This is also home to one of Jersey City Farmers Markets! 


Newport Green Park – 14th St

If you’re looking for a beach getaway but staying close to home with kids, you’ll want to check out Newport Green Park on Washington Blvd. The park offers four acres of sandy beach, playgrounds including sprinklers, and a large field nearby, perfect for playing and lounging. The park also has accessible lounge chairs and umbrellas. It’s a perfect park to visit for a relaxing day out. 


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Pershing Field – 201 Central Ave (Heights) 

Located in the Heights of Jersey City, this park offers various recreational opportunities for kids of all ages. Their playground offers swings, slides, obstacle courses, and water activities. The park is known for its baseball field, tennis, and basketball courts. The local parks association, Pershing Field Garden Friends, provides gardening activities for kids of all ages.  


Riverview-Fisk Park — 498 Palisade Ave (Heights) 

Located in the Heights, this popular park has breathtaking views of New York City. Their playground has a splash pad, swings for older and younger kids, and slides. If you’re there on a Sunday, you can enjoy The Riverview Park Association Farmer’s Market. The Riverview Community Garden is adjacent to the park and a great stop to make with your kids if you plan to go on a Saturday! 


Van Vorst Park – 257-287 Montgomery St (Downtown) 

Often described as one of the city’s most elegant green spaces and parks, Van Vorst is a great choice if you’re looking for a charming park to take your kids to. The park includes a gazebo, viewing fountain, playground, splash pads, plantings and trees to provide an oasis feeling. The local park association known as the Friends of Van Vorst Park helps with the upkeep of the park and advocacy efforts. 


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Interested in Getting Involved?

Each of the parks listed has its local organization that assists with the upkeep and maintenance of the park. The organizations also create opportunities for the community to get involved through their kids’ programming and events. You can contact your local parks organization to learn more about how you can get involved. 

The Jersey City Parks Coalition is an incredible organization to follow, as it was created to assist in developing and maintaining Jersey City’s parks and public spaces. The mission of the Jersey City Parks Coalition is to empower residents to develop, renovate, use, and maintain their community parks and public spaces of Jersey City, thereby revitalizing neighborhoods and lifting communal and human spirits. They organize green projects and make our communities more sustainable. 

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