Jersey City’s Most Instagrammable Pets

Instagramable Pet
Photo by Vitor Fontes on Unsplash

Rise of the Animal InstaStar

While it’s standard to expect people you meet to have a social media account, it’s becoming just as common for their pets to have one as well. This has created a host of animals with thousands (or millions!) of followers who have become bigger “influencers” than the humans behind the camera. These preeminent pets use their platforms to advertise products or businesses, support animal welfare, or just share their furry faces with the world. A number of existing and rising pet “InstaStars” live in Jersey City, frequenting local pet stores for supplies, and grooming. Here are a few you should get to know.


Homegrown InstaStars

Ollie and Aggie
Followers: 37.9K


These adorable Maltese siblings are fashionistas with a bigger wardrobe than a runway model! Every fancy photo is complete with captions directly from bad boy Ollie or prima donna Aggie.

Instagramable pets
Photo courtesy of @olliethesockthief_aggiethediva


Hank the Cat
Followers: 23.4K


Hank is a deaf and blind cat with a playful spirit, adopted from the local Liberty Humane Society. He uses his page to promote pet rescue and change what people think about animals with special needs, and has been featured on The Kitten Bowl and The Dodo.

instagramable pet
Photo courtesy of @hank_the_deaf_and_blind_cat


Followers: 22.8K


Kona is an Australian Labradoodle with expressive green eyes and a boopable nose who has grown up on Instagram. She is a happy girl with a colorful collection of hair bows and bandanas who is always up for a game of fetch or chew on a bully stick.

Instagramable pet
Photo courtesy of @thekonadoodle


Followers: 17.4K


Jasper is a white Dachshund mix who posts striking photos of himself (and his sister Kiri!) on their adventures around Jersey City and the entire country. This snowy sweetheart appeared on the cover of The Gothamist, and is always eager to make new friends around town!

Instagramable pet
Photo courtesy of @yasyasjasper


Fiona Mae
Followers: 16.5K


This pint-sized princess is a rescued Yorkie with a signature Mohawk and chewed up ear. Fiona has an impressive resume, with her photos appearing in many publications and websites, ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and even has her own merchandise on Etsy.

Instagramable pet
Photo courtesy of @princessfionamae


Followers: 15.9K


Kleo is a Boxer/PitBull mix with a smushable face who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Miami by New York Bully Crew. Kleo uses her platform to help other Pit Bull type dogs in shelters, end Breed Specific Legislation, and pay homage to her predecessor Kira.

Instagramable pet
Photo courtesy of @keeping.up.with.kira


Hank the Dog
Followers: 15.5K

Hank is a sweet-faced Bernedoodle who has chronicled the first year of his life growing up in Jersey City. Whether it’s at home, the park, or on a walk this curly canine always has a smile to share!

Instagramable pet
Photo courtesy of


Followers: 14.6K


Barkley is a fun-loving Golden Retriever puppy who likes to show off his favorite pet products and perform tricks to get more “chimkin”. This fuzzy Giants fan enjoys trips to the beach and has been featured on his favorite team’s official page.

Photo courtesy of @goldenboy.barkley


Followers: 8,802


Ernie is a senior Pekingese mix with a collection of hilarious outfits and funny faces that can evoke laughter even on the grumpiest day. Be sure to follow to watch Ernie’s quest for cheese, his silly narrations, and heartwarming relationship with his “Mah”.

Photo courtesy of @snaggletooth_ernie


Followers: 7,291


Ketchup is a goofy Shiba Inu who enjoys performing tricks and going everywhere with his humans. Watch him live his best life with a lot of trips to Liberty State Park, outings with all his friends, and taking naps in funny positions.

Photo courtesy of @ketchabi


Followers: 6,882


This sweet pup is a “Sato” (Puerto-Rican street dog) who began her modeling career shortly after being rescued, appearing in publications such as NJ Monthly and Vogue Japan. But Charlotte’s true passions lie in hiking, advocating for other rescue dogs, and promoting local businesses like her human’s accessory shop Rivington Rose.

Photo courtesy of @apuppynamedcharlotte


Followers: 6,998


Earl is an irresistible Sheepadoodle puppy who can easily be mistaken for a plush toy. He spends his days having puppy playdates, refusing to walk on a leash, and leaving all his fans wishing they could give this frisky fluff ball a big hug.

Photo courtesy of @heyearl_


Followers: 852


Felicity is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix who co-writes a pet column with her human at chicpeajc and has appeared in a shoe ad in a magazine. She has hosted a number of dog events in Jersey City and uses her page to promote local pet businesses.

Photo courtesy of @felicitythechiweenie


Followers: 752


Bernie the Husky mix has an exceptionally funny account that is my personal favorite. Bernie’s stories and posts about his bromance with Brutus the Poodle and getting into mischief are sure to have you ROFL.

Photo courtesy of @berniethebeardedpup


Followers: 302


A newcomer to Instagram, Ziggy is a musical mutt who loves to sing along with his human’s guitar. Check out this cutie’s page to hear his musical stylings or make a request!

Photo courtesy of @ziggythesingingrescue


Can my Pet be a Star Too?

After seeing all the amazing accounts many people feel inspired to start one for their own animals. The humans who run these accounts for their furry friends offered the following advice to those who hope to cash in on the InstaFame.

  • You have to frequently post good quality photos and videos, as well as funny or endearing captions.
  • Find something unique about your pet to promote—it may be their appearance, origin story, a special ability, or something else that makes them stand out.
  • Create a consistent “persona” for your pet so your followers feel like they know them.
  • Learn how to use hashtags and tags that will get the most views, as well as the time of day your followers are most likely to see your posts.
  • Most important of all—engagement! For a popular Instagram account you must engage with comments and messages, follow and engage with similar accounts or groups, and show your fans (and potential fans!) that you care about what they have to say.

Keep in mind though, that running a popular Instagram can be like a second job, so it’s not for everyone. Even if your pet doesn’t become an InstaStar, have fun sharing their cute photos with your friends!

Tracie Koehnlein
Author: Tracie Koehnlein

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