Jersey City Opens Skatepark in Bergen-Lafayette


Years ago, Jersey City won a National design competition with the Tony Hawk Foundation (now known as The Skatepark Project) and received a grant to help build the newest, and best, skatepark in New Jersey. What set Jersey City apart from other grant applicants is the administration’s commitment to re-invigorate the area and identify the importance of expanding recreation in the neighborhood.

Berry Lane Skatepark
Artist rendering of Berry Lane Park Skate Park. Photo courtesy of


Earlier this morning, Mayor Steven Fulop and Jersey City officials “cut the ribbon” for its grand opening located at Berry Lane Park! They were joined by local and professional skateboarders of all ages showing off their tricks and enjoying the new space (and spacious it was indeed). At approximately 12,000 square feet, the skatepark is the largest in Jersey City and the first poured-in-place concrete skatepark in Hudson County. Once plagued with old rail lines, junkyards and auto repair shops, Berry Lane Park has transformed into the premier destination it is today with an array of recreational features for the community to enjoy.



Berry Lane Skatepark
Mayor Steven Fulop. Photo by Adia Atwell


“This skatepark is a testament to the city’s resiliency and our commitment to invest in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood, as we’ve worked to transform this 17-acre property from polluted brownfields into usable, open space for residents to enjoy,” said Mayor Fulop. “Since opening in 2016, Berry Lane Park has been a premier destination for passive and organized recreation, and we expect this skatepark to be an even bigger draw for our youth and families.”


Berry Lane Skatepark
Lead contractor for the Skatepark, Haralambos Tsivicos(left), with Mayor Steven Fulop(right)


With construction completed by TSIVIKOS Enterprises Inc., this new Jersey City s includes: a lay back bank, hipped quarter pipes, a roller, A-Frame ledge combo, split level A-Frame with gap, three-stair rail, bump to ledge, kicker gap, flat rail over gap, clam shell, quarter pipe extension, pump bump, and backyard bowl.


Berry Lane Skate Park. Photo by Adia Atwell
Professional and Local Skater, Ron Deily. Photo by Adia Atwell


“It’s going to brighten up a lot of kid’s lives, especially in this neighborhood. I’m just glad that kids are going to learn to respect each other, respect this place, and respect skateboarding and they’re going to become better people for it.” Professional and local skater, Ron Deily.


Local and professional skaters gather for the grand opening. Photo by Adia Atwell
Young skaters test their skills at new skatepark. Photo by Adia Atwell
Berry Lane Skatepark
Skaters in the backyard bowl. Photo by Adia Atwell
Skaters in Berry Lane skatepark. Photo by Adia Atwell
Berry Lane Skatepark
Local Kids enjoy the new Berry Lane Skatepark. Photo by Adia Atwell
Adia Atwell
Author: Adia Atwell