Jersey City COVID-19 Vaccination Locations

Last Updated On April 7th, 2021


Slowly but surely, the world has worked towards fighting this pandemic and developing a vaccine. Here, we have 3 vaccines available and as eligibility opens up, more NJ residents are get vaccinated and pushing back against the virus. Now in Phase 2, NJ has fully vaccinated nearly 2 million residents– nearly a quarter of the state’s population– with an additional 5 million already receiving their first shot.



Currently, vaccines are available to the following groups:

Healthcare Personnel (Phase 1A)

Long-Term Care Residents and Staff (Phase 1A)

First Responders (Phase 1B)

Individuals at High Risk (Phase 1C)

General Population (Phase 2)

If you are eligible to receive a vaccine, there are generally three ways to get vaccinated:

  1. You can make an appointment directly with one of the many designated vaccination sites across the state. Click here to view a full list of these designated vaccination sites.
  2. You can pre-register for the vaccine on the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System, and you will be notified when an appointment is available to you. Click here to visit the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System.
  3. Select healthcare facilities, including many hospitals, are offering vaccines directly to their workers. If you work at one of the facilities, you can also contact your employer to learn if the vaccine is available to you from your employer.

Below are locations in Jersey City that are offering the vaccine. Be sure to register with the state, make an appointment, and call to confirm.


Vaccination Locations


Alliance Health Care — 115 Christopher Columbus Drive (Downtown) — (201)-451-6300

alliance health center

Christ Hospital — 176 Palisade Avenue (The Heights) — (201)-795-8200

christ hospital

Bethune Center — 140 Martin Luther King Drive (Greenville) — (201)-547-5688

bethune center

Jersey City Medical Center — 355 Grand Street (Downtown)

jersey city medical center

Metropolitan Family Health Network — 935 Garfield Avenue (Bergen-Lafayette)

metropolitan family health network

North Hudson Community Action — 324 Palisade Avenue (The Heights) — (201)-210-0200

North Hudson Community Action Corporation

Rite Aid Store 01661 — 2859-61 Kennedy Boulevard (Journal Square)

covid vaccine location

Rite Aid Store 04812 — 981 West Side Avenue (West-Bergen)

Rite Aid Store 04812

Riverside Medical Group JC — 324 Palisade Avenue (The Heights)

Riverside Medical Group - Jersey City

Riverside Medical Group JFK — 2440 John F. Kennedy Boulevard (West-Bergen)

Riverside Medical Group - JFK Jersey City

Jordan Mikhail
Author: Jordan Mikhail