Do you want to support clean local renewable energy? Are you interested in saving money on your utility bills? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, join Greener JC Wednesday April 19, 2023 at 6:30 PM via ZOOM for a virtual Community Solar Public Meeting. Register here! At the meeting you’ll hear from Greener JC and our co-host & community solar partner Eversolar.

Community solar makes it possible for all Jersey City residents to go solar! Residents, both homeowners and renters, can access solar power without the need or hassle of installing panels on their property. Instead, residents interested in purchasing clean energy can subscribe to a community solar project which has been constructed within our energy utility’s (PSE&G) territory where it supplies clean energy to the local power grid. As a resident in Jersey City, you can subscribe to a community solar project, and in return you’ll receive a financial credit on your monthly electric bill for the energy produced from your share of the community solar project.


New Jersey created the Community Solar Energy program in 2018 to provide an affordable off-site solar option for households, in particular low-and-moderate income residents, and bring the benefits of solar to more communities across the state. At least 51 percent of every Eversolar project will be reserved for low-to-moderate income residents to sign up and benefit from our community solar projects. Eversolar partners with non-profit and community organizations where our projects are located to ensure the benefits of our projects stay local and reach low-to-moderate income residents. Through partnerships with local organizations, Eversolar provides support for environmental education, solar installation trainings, and local projects and events. By working together with partners like Greener JC, Eversolar works to develop capacity-building initiatives that increase energy equity and ensure community solar access for all. Sign up today at with promo code GRJC.



Join the community solar revolution and celebrate Earth Day every day! Register for the April 19th event here. For more information about Greener JC and our community solar partners visit Greener JC hopes you have a wonderful Earth Month and Earth Day – be sure to follow us on social media for upcoming events and all things sustainability! 

Erin Hill
Author: Erin Hill