Dog Days of Summer: Parks, Beaches, and Hikes

The “dog days” of summer are in full swing and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the season as it should be celebrated—with your dog! Here are some dog-friendly destinations to go with your pup this summer. 


Jersey City Dog Parks

485 Marin Park (Behind 485 Marin Blvd)

This Astroturf park behind the 485 Marin building is a quiet spot for a game of fetch during the day and full of furry friends in the evening. But a warning to toy breed owners—dogs under 20 lbs. may fit through the bars!

Harborside (“Urby”) Dog Park (Beside 200 Greene St.)

Located beside the Urby apartment building, this new park with two sides (large/small) is equipped with agility equipment, fresh grass, and a water fountain. 

jersey city dog parks
Winter and August playing in the Enclave Dog Park. Photo courtesy of @sharpeitforward

Enclave Dog Park (Behind 675 Monmouth St.)

Nestled behind The Enclave in the Soho West Neighborhood is a new dog park. Covered in Astroturf with a few rocks to jump on this is a fun area for medium to large sized dogs (dogs under 20 lbs., can squeeze through the bars). 

Timulty Park (107 Ogden Ave)

Located in the Heights, this single run park is filled with plenty of shade and equipped with AstroTurf for lots of playtime in the sunshine. 

dog parks near Jersey City
Kimchi in the tunnel at Harborside. Photo courtesy of @kimchi_maltipoo

Sgt. Anthony Park (88 Palisade Ave)

This dirt and gravel park has a reputation of being clean and has the advantage of being opened 24 hours a day for dog parents who may not work “normal” hours.

Berry Lane Park (100 Garfield Ave)

Located in the Bergen-Lafayette area is a large single run park lined with dirt and gravel. Complete with a water fountain and human seating this park is sure to please you and your pups!

For those who want a full list of dog parks in Jersey City be sure to check it out here


Doggies Down the Shore

Wonderbar’s Yappy Hour (1213 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ–1 Hour from JC)

While you enjoy good music, a beer, and burger at this iconic Jersey bar, your dog can have playtime with friends in the sand, a swimming pool and agility equipment monitored by doggy “bouncers” who ensure safety for all. 

Penny having cocktails at Yappy Hour. Photo courtesy of @see_a_pennydoodle

8th Ave Dog Beach (Asbury Park, NJ–1 Hour from JC)

This beautiful off-leash beach is often filled with other dogs waiting for your pup to play with. Your dog will have a great time digging, swimming, and running during the doggy summer hours before sunrise and after sunset. 

Fisherman’s Cove (Manasquan, NJ–1.25 Hours from JC)

This 55-acre beach is part of the Manasquan Inlet, equipped with waste bag stations and a doggy water fountain. Leashed dogs are welcome to explore the Eastern section for crabs and splash in the shallow waves.

Longport Dog Beach (Egg Harbor, NJ–2 Hours from JC)

This off-leash beach is a popular location for dogs of all sizes, and has free parking for the humans. Make sure to bring your own water when you come to have fun in the sun!

jersey city dog parks
Penelope on Longport Beach. Photo courtesy of @penelope_the_frenchbulldog

Wildwood Dog Park and Beach (Wildwood, NJ–2.5 Hours from JC)

One of the only beaches that allows owners to swim with their dogs, this great spot allows leashed walks on the beach and under the boardwalk. If your pup needs some off-leash fun take them to the fenced in dog park by the giant fire hydrant! 


Hiking with Hounds

South Mountain Reservation (South Orange, NJ–30 minutes from JC)

Just a short drive from home, South Mountain offers a variety streams ponds and trails (including a fairy one!) for you and your pup to explore. Dogs must be on-leash but there is also a fantastic off-leash dog park (large and small runs) complete with agility equipment. 

Rocky and his favorite waterfall in Ramapo. Photo courtesy of @ourlifewith.rocky

Watchung Reservation (Summit, NJ–30 minutes from JC)

Take your leashed pup to the largest reserve in Union county. It boasts an abundance of trails, steams and a lake for swimming, and even a dog wash station and water dishes. 

Palisades Interstate Park (Alpine, NJ–40 minutes from JC)

This park overlooking the Hudson on the border of NY and NJ offers over 30 miles of hiking trails, a nature sanctuary, picnic areas and rugged woodlands for you and your dog to enjoy. 

jersey city dog parks
Koko hiking in Pallisades Interstate Park. Photo courtesy of @chako.n.koko

Ramapo Mountain State Forest (Sloatsburg, NJ–1 hour from JC)

This large reservation holds lots of adventure with forest and hiking trails, waterfalls for leashed dogs and their people. This is also a goof choice for anyone interested in a weekend camping or fishing trip. 

Harriman State Park (Ramapo, NY–1 hour from JC)

This second largest park in NY state is filled with numerous hiking trails, lakes, streams and camping grounds for humans and dogs alike. Go there for a day or weekend, but make sure to check if spots are available as it has limited capacity during coronavirus.


Enjoying the Dog Days

Whether you and your pooch enjoy the beach, the woods or dog parks in Jersey City, you’re sure to find plenty of things to do with your dog this summer. 


Tracie Koehnlein
Author: Tracie Koehnlein

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