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Our weather is in that in-between-seasons phase on the east coast right now. While we’ve definitely had the relief from scorching summer days packed with humidity, fall has been teasing us for weeks with its crisp temperatures, falling leaves, and, my personal favorite, pumpkin beers (Barcade currently has a delicious one on tap). The welcoming of fall means planning for many fun activities, and Jersey City is packed with them. But, it unfortunately also means welcoming seasonal allergies and colds as we all adjust to the weather. And yes, I apologize if this very fun article just took a nosedive. Luckily, I did a little research on how to stay healthy as the seasons transition. I don’t personally opt for over-the-counter meds, but prefer a more holistic and natural approach to treating or preventing a cold. Perhaps I’ve started early this year with my remedies, but I’ll be darned if I have to miss out on the Jersey City Halloween Pet Costume Walk because I didn’t know how to treat a little sore throat. 

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Catching The Cold Before It Catches You

The best way to treat one of these little seasonal hiccups is by taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen at all. This, of course, means boosting your immune system and making sure that you’re getting plenty of rest. Part of preventing germs from attacking you comes in the form of physical awareness. For example, sneezing into a tissue or your elbow instead of your hands. Or, just making sure that you’re getting regular exercise to keep up your virus-killing cells, which we all know can be a challenge as the months become colder. Check out this complete list on how to prevent colds by being a bit more cautious with your everyday actions. 


Training Yourself To Treat Yourself 

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So, here’s the thing. I know I said earlier that I love pumpkin beer, and that is very, very true. But, what I have the most love for is a great self-care regimen. Even better, an all natural one. Taking care of yourself just feels good. A few of my favorite immune-boosting routines can be found in your cupboard. If you’re feeling a tickle in your throat, and you’re over the old salt water gargle, eat a small slice of raw garlic. Many people are overwhelmed by the spice of raw garlic, so use your own judgment here on what feels right for you. Garlic is one of my favorite examples of natural medicine, and its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties can make you feel better within hours. Honey is another item you should always have on hand. Honey helps to soothe a sore throat, while also boosting your immune system, and, if you get a local honey from the Jersey City Farmer’s Market, you’ll also be less prone to allergies! In addition to these favorites of mine, check out Healthy Maven’s list of 10 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies. Her recommendations are easy to find at your local health food market, and you probably already have a few as well. 

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Where To Find The Goods 

Another natural way to fight colds is by drinking your fruits and veggies. If you haven’t been to Nature’s House, get there. Not only do they have delicious cold-pressed juices, they also carry other healthy food and vitamins. And when you’re looking for more of an everything store, there’s nothing you can’t find at Downtown Pharmacy that you would need to both treat a cold and treat yourself well. They carry everything from vitamins and supplements, to skin care, and even some very adorable kitchen accessories. Lastly, and speaking of treating yourself, getting a massage and having a good sweat are great ways to release toxins from the body and also just feel really good. Check out Salvation Wellness, which calls itself “a modern CBD apothecary and wellness studio” and hop into their infrared sauna while you’re there.

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