A Guide to Places to Work Remotely in Jersey City

Working from home is a fantastic job perk. You do not have to worry about the commute time, traffic, or feeling stressed when returning home after a long workday. Luckily for us, in Jersey City, many places provide working space for remote life. Many new coffee shops, cafes, and co-working spaces have opened in the past year, making incredible working spaces and allowing you to support local businesses. Check out our list below, where you can explore a new work environment and leave your house! All these places have Wi-Fi, restrooms, and outlets to ensure your laptops are charged! 


Andco – 201 Montgomery St.

Many packages cater to all business needs – from freelancers to those requiring a dedicated desk or private office. All memberships give access to the basic amenities needed to run your business, including mail service and conference rooms, the lounge, café, library, terrace, wellness rooms and events. They also provide single-day passes if you want to change your work environment! Andco also believes in creating a community by providing many social networking events and collaboration options with nonprofit and civic-based organizations. 


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Busy Bee Organics – 451 Palisade Ave.

Busy Bee Organics is a popular spot for gluten-free friendly options and nutritious meal delivery services in the Heights. This cozy café also offers space for folks looking to work remotely. While working, if you need a quick power snack, their Buffins (protein muffins) are a popular option to provide the necessary fuel to get through the day! They recently renovated their space, providing you with more space to work! 


Café Madelaine – 34 Coles St.

Café Madelaine is a French Bakery and Pastry shop located downtown. All the food at Café Madelaine is based on French recipes, from the bread used for their sandwiches to pastry recipes. So, if you’re in the mood for French food while working, you’ll need to check out this location. They have several tables and Wi-Fi for you to focus on your remote work in a cozy environment. 


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Café Peanut – 586 Newark Ave. 

Café Peanut describes itself as a funky little place dedicated to quality. You can try a selection of delicious salads, sandwiches, soups, pastries, and artisan coffees & teas. Their café has a cozy ambiance and is ideal for remote work. On weekends, they provide live music options! This is an excellent space for working and getting your creative juices flowing. 


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Café Lafayette – 74 Maple St. 

Located in Bergen Lafayette, this popular café has a spacious environment, making it an ideal remote workspace. They serve breakfast and lunch while offering many options for freshly brewed coffee and espresso drinks. 


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Canard Cafe Bar – 200 Greene St.

Canard Cafe Bar, situated in the lobby of the Urby Tower, is built for you to do your work! Working desks, outlets, lighting and speedy Wi-Fi are all available throughout the space. The large seating area surrounding the baristas gives the impression of a reading room, library, or co-working space. They have several breakfast and lunch options for you if you’re hungry! 


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Choc o Pain – 244 St Pauls Ave., 330-332 Palisade Ave., 530 Jersey Ave. 

This French bakery and café has multiple locations around town, perfect for sitting and working while sipping on a café au lait and enjoying a croissant. Their newest location in the Heights (244 St Pauls Ave.) provides an excellent workspace option, from cubicles to shared tables with Wi-Fi access. 


Clo Coffee – 97 Newkirk St & 28 Cottage St.

Located in Journal Square, this coffee shop puts a spotlight on kindness. They genuinely believe kindness is the most essential ingredient in their café and want you to leave their unique spot feeling it. Clo Coffee shop has designated working cubicles if you need privacy for a call. Their café has tables for you to work from and their staff is incredibly kind! 


Colab by DVORA – 155 2nd St & 255 Brunswick St.

CoLab by DVORA offers office suites & coworking spaces in two Downtown Jersey City locations. Their workspaces are beautiful, bright, and convenient, inspired by busy, hardworking people. Whether you need a desk for the day or to find a long-term workspace solution, CoLab has something for every situation.


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Galeria Café – 10 Hutton St.

Best known for their delicious empanadas, Galeria Café’s owner put time and effort into making their café an ideal remote workspace. You will see thoughtfully picked antique décor throughout the café, providing a vintage look. 


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Griot Café – 398 Central Ave.

Located in the Heights, Griot Cafe recognizes the importance of serving great food and providing a space where people can create pleasant memories. This café offers a spacious environment, allowing you to get your work done in a quiet but cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy their Haitian & West African-inspired food if you’re hungry for breakfast or lunch!  They also collaborate with local artists to display their work on the walls. And if you’re looking for a quick break, they have a collection of diverse books you can skim through! 


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Ko Café – 722 Grand St. 

Ko Café is a new coffee and events venue in Jersey City. The owner’s vision for Ko is to create a one-of-a-kind space for folks to work, collaborate, and find inspiration. It is a great spot to finish your remote work and enjoy their fantastic design. The great ambiance, spacious working space, and relaxing environment make it perfect for a productive day of work! 


Maggie’s Farm Espresso – 88 Morgan St.

This Aussie-inspired café invites the community to stop by for a coffee, enjoy lunch, or work remotely. They offer a spacious area for eating and or working. You’ll want to check out this café if you’re looking for a place with a great menu and seating! 


Roast’d Coffee – 10 River Dr. South

Enjoy a cup of freshly roasted single-origin coffees worldwide while getting work done. This coffee shop recently opened near Newport and is an ideal working space with a spacious and relaxing environment. 


Snapdragon Coffee & Social – 190 Monticello Ave.

In the McGinley Square neighborhood, Snapdragon provides a unique experience for folks looking to enjoy coffee, catch up with friends, or work. Snapdragon is spread across two floors with enough space for remote workers. The overall look and feel is warm and rustic with lots of woodwork—large tables with thoughtfully mismatched chairs and a bench flanked by old milk crates round out the seating.


Subia’s Vegan Café – 506 Jersey Ave. 

Subia’s is a popular vegan café in downtown Jersey City. It is known for its vegan desserts, wraps, organic juices, and plant-based burgers. There are both regular and high-top tables, and it’s usually relatively quiet for working. So, why not enjoy a delicious vegan meal while finishing your work? In the summertime, they have an outdoor area if you want to soak in some sunshine!


The Jersey City Free Public Library – Several Branches around Jersey City 

The Jersey City Free Public Library (JCFPL) is the most extensive municipal library in New Jersey. There are several branches around Jersey City, so if you’re looking for a new working environment, check out your local branch. The Library is perfect if you have a project you need to complete and need a quiet spot to focus. To find out which branch is closest to you, click here

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