6 Unconventional Work Spaces In JC

Occasionally your work or projects can follow you outside the office, invading your evening or your weekend. Perhaps you work at home and are finding the space stifling to your creative process? With either situation, having a safe place to work beyond a cubicle or your office is normal, but finding one can be tricky.

Speaking for me personally, my work environment sometimes needs to change to get my creative juices flowing. For instance, I might want a quiet cafe where I can connect to the internet and focus on my work. Another, I might need some background noise to distract my mind, so I need a place with a little chatter. Then on occasion when I need to think outside of the box I might need a place that can really engage my mind and have space to walk around. So if you’re anything like me and need a variety of places to work, or would like a new space to try, here are my favorite unconventional work spaces in Jersey City for working outside the office.


Quiet Spots

Froth on Franklin

One of my favorite and most visited places on this list also happens to be down the street from my home in The Heights. This cafe has a rustic and cozy feel inside and has some historical pictures of Old Jersey City adorning the walls. Not to mention that this cafe has amazing coffee and treats to nibble on while you’re working. With free WiFi, warm drinks, and the cozy environment it provides, you can sit down for hours until your work is done. If you ever find yourself in The Heights you definitely should stop in for a cup.

unconventional work spaces
Photo by Justin Dela Cruz



If you are a sucker for french pastries and strong coffee, Choc-O-Pain will be the next place you want to go when you need a change of scenery. Choc-O-Pain brings french pastries and cuisine to the Jersey City area while offering a wonderful place to do your work. The smell of baked goods fills the room and puts me in a wide-awake mood, well that and my coffee. They offer free WiFi and space to work while you’re enjoying your espresso and macaroon.

unconventional work spaces
Photo by Justin Dela Cruz



The particular one I am talking about is on Palisade Ave but this company also has different locations all around Jersey City, and even an espresso bar on wheels for the summer. If you are looking for a quiet place to sit and brainstorm or read, I highly recommend this place. This was the first coffee shop I was introduced to by my wife after moving into Jersey City and it didn’t let me down. What made this coffee shop stand out to me was how small it was but still felt spacious. They really do make the best out of their location with a bench along the back wall, seats in front of the counter to sip and talk, two pairs of chairs outside to enjoy the sun in the morning or late afternoon, and a singular chair in the window where you can sit by yourself. You will need to bring your hotspot though,no WiFi at the Palisade location but they do have it at their Journal Square and Exchange Place location.

unconventional work spaces
Photo by Justin Dela Cruz


Conversation Spaces

Bwe Kafe

A bit further downtown and closer to Newark, I stumbled upon this place while driving around New Jersey. When I walked in I was met with a spacious environment with plenty of room where I was able to get a table to myself after ordering a cup of coffee and avocado toast. With free WiFi offered through the weekdays, weekends they turn it off, it is a great place for openly talking about ideas and working them through. I happen to be one of those people who talk to themselves or read things out loud when they’re stuck on something, so having my mumbling drowned out by other chatter and noise is appreciated.

unconventional work spaces
Photo courtesy of bwe kafe


Dulce De Leche

I have a soft spot for bakeries when I choose where to work and this is no exception. Dulce De Leche is an Argentinian restaurant with a kitchen and bakery that makes fresh pastries and meals. With free WiFi and depending on the time of day, come into a quiet spot or a space to hold a conversation. The ambiance paired with food and drink options, besides coffee, like smoothies, juices, sandwiches, and full plates, allows you to get work done without worrying about suffering from a sugar rush or being over-caffeinated.

Photo by Justin Dela Cruz


Noise Helps me Work


There are times I’ve discovered when coffee won’t cut it anymore and you need something a little stronger. For those who thrive in noise and a bit of chaos, Barcade on Grove street is a great alternative for after work and late-night or weekend meetups. I suggest this as an option for post-work sessions or mid-day meetings as sometimes taking a more unorthodox step can lead to a better workflow. Blow off some steam, relax a bit, share a drink, and toss around ideas. When you get frustrated play a game till you lose or grab a beer to calm down and come back to your work feeling better. Though WiFi is not offered I’ve come here with a notebook or my phone, ready to take down notes or jot down ideas.

Photo courtesy of @barcadejerseycity


Working anywhere for too long, especially when you’re trying to be creative, is exhausting and leaves you feeling drained or uninspired. A change of space can really kick the brain into gear, to get things flowing and to notice things you haven’t before. These are some unconventional work spaces that have inspired me to write, take down ideas, and look at the city in a different way every time. Though no place is perfect each one did engage my mind and allowed for the shake I needed to wake up and get things going again. Sometimes when you’re working you don’t need something new you just need to see something new.


Did I miss any unconventional work spaces? Let me know in the comment section below and I’ll check it out for another time and maybe for another list.

Justin DeLaCruz
Author: Justin DeLaCruz