13 Spots in JC to Celebrate National Burger Day

Happy National Burger Day! While we don’t need an excuse to eat a burger, the opportunity is always welcome and what better day to chow down on your favorite burger then today? Our EverythingJerseyCity.com team decided to team up with 13 local businesses to celebrate the unique burgers that Jersey City has to offer and let me tell you they did not disappoint. To see exactly what I’m talking about check out our National Burger Day video… but I warn you, it has been known to cause hunger!


Featured Burgers:

1. Buddy Who’s – The Buddy Burger
2. Corkscrew Bar – Screw Burger
3. Dark Side of the Moo – The Four Horseman of the Aporkalypse
4. Diesel and Duke – S.P.B.B Burger
5. Ed & Mary’s – Classic Bacon Cheeseburger
6. The Hutton Bar & Grill – The Hutton Burger
7. Miss America Diner – Rodeo Burger
8. O’Leary’s Publik House – The Mrs. O’Leary Melt
9. Salt + Seed – Black Bean Burger
10. Subias Vegan Cafe – Subia Burger
11. VeganAF – Classic Burger
12. Whitestar Warren Street – Journal Square Burger
13. Würstbar – Haus Burger


But Wait There’s More:

The burgers don’t end here folks! Jersey City is full of amazing burger joints and we wouldn’t be doing National Burger Day justice if we didn’t mention the restaurants below. All of these spots will more than satisfy any burger craving you have!

Left Bank Burger Bar
White Mana Diner
Mathew’s Food and Drink
Steak and Take
Ghost Truck Kitchen
Brightside Tavern
Plant Base
Light Horse Tavern
Larsen’s Diner
The Little Sandwich Shop
John and Mr. B’s Kitchen
Franklin Social
McGinley Square Pub
Emily Davis
Author: Emily Davis

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