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    6 Reviews on “Renato’s Pizza Master”

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      LP Leroux 5 years ago

      I love Renato’s Pizza Masters!!! There’s really nothing I’ve tried there that i don’t like. I love their dinning options and their selections of pizzas are amazing!! The atmosphere in their restaurant is homey and their staff is very attentive and nice. Delivery is always quick! It’s my go-to option for Pizza Friday’s or Pizza Monday’s Or Pizza Tuesday’s. Well you get my point. It’s great!!

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      Vinny Trippi 5 years ago

      This restaurant is the best Italian restaurant I have ever eaten at. Believe me, I have eaten at many. Their salad with their house dressing is beyond reproach. they have a secret salad dressing recipe that everyone just raves about. All of the entrees are Hardy and fresh. The service is just as if you were eating in your own living room. We get treated like family every time we go there. I love this place very much and continue to go back time and time again. You will not regret eating here.

    • Sam Mikhail
      Sam Mikhail 4 years ago

      I have so many great memories growing up in Jersey City and the hundreds of Friday nights hanging out out Pizza Master are forever etched in my mind. I might be dating myself a bit but hanging out at Pizza Master was something we looked forward to as teens. The place has dramatically expanded and the vibe has definitely evolved with the times but the relaxed hometown pizzeria with some of the best pizza you can find is what keeps me coming.

    • Adia Atwell
      Adia Atwell 4 years ago

      Came to Renato’s for an office party and everything was delicious! The staff is friendly and attentive and the restaurant is super cozy.

    • Leslie Victori
      Leslie Victori 4 years ago

      Love the food and staff here at Renato’s! They have awesome pizza but I would have to say their sandwiches are what I really look forward to. Never soggy, really well put together with quality ingredients and always nice and hot even if I order for delivery.

    • Emily Davis
      Emily Davis Post author 4 years ago

      I’ve only been to Renato’s once but my experience was great! They have a friendly staff and delicious food no matter what you’re ordering. I look forward to going back soon.

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