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      Jamie DiManti 4 years ago

      First review in this site. So finally ventured out for a drive around JC downtown last weekend (Saturday nite) and stumbled across East Hana (used to be some other restaurant there, so not sure when this one opened). I saw that they had tables outside I could sit out and been craving some sushi for some time so decided to give it a try. I ordered a couple of rolls (Hana Spicy and OMG) and miso soup. Young lady who was taking orders was super nice and I have to say, on top of her game – she surprised me with a 10% discount for being their grand opening with me not even asking. Miso soup was quite good, then the rolls – wow, these guys are kinda generous with the fish :-D. The OMG was really good (the mango was pretty original) but I would say the Hana Spicy was my favorite (always partial to the tuna). Def going to try this again (and see if I can get that boat dish I saw on their display). Stay safe!

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