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    11 Reviews on “But-A-Cake”

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      MD SF 3 years ago

      ButACake has been such as amazing hidden gem for me over the years. From vending at local markets to helping those in need she’s really shown there’s nothing a little cake can’t fix! Best thc gummies out there! My sleepless nights haven’t been sleepless since 💚

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      JiVaughn Jones 3 years ago

      Excellent company. Products are fresh, amazing and customer service is always on point. An order from But-A-Cake is guaranteed to leave you with nothing but happiness in your stomach and in your spirit. Can’t wait to order again!!!

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      Manny Brice 3 years ago

      Been a customer of Butacake for years and as you can see I myself still support this brand. Smart, creative and very caring about customs service.

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      Steven Nichols 3 years ago

      Whether it be sweets, savory treats, or drinks, Butacake NEVER disappoints! Prompt responses and service too! Wish I could give SIX stars!

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      Toni C 3 years ago

      Butacake baked goods is something I can’t get in stores. The classic butacake is the best pound cake I’ve ever had. It’s more than just a simple “pound cake”.
      Customer service is always fast and professional. You can tell that Butacake is a pastry chef who cares about their products and their clients!!!

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      DiAnna Brice-Balan 3 years ago

      But-A-Cake is an excellent company focused on quality and customer satisfaction. The THC baked goods are not only effective but so delicious. The owner is passionate about her work and you can see this when you purchase her products. Highly recommend choosing But-A-Cake for all your THC needs!

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      Amanda Shepherd 3 years ago

      I have been a customer of But-A-Cake for years and she has never disappointed. Her treats are made with love and I appreciate her attention to detail.

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      Anthony Alkuino 3 years ago

      I was introduced to Chef Butacake by my roommate last year and I’ve had nothing but the best treats from her. I love the variety of products you can get as well as the quality. Order and delivery is easy and reliable. I’m so proud of how far she’s come. I highly recommend her gummies!

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      Ji Hwang 3 years ago

      Some of the best tasting edibles I’ve ever experienced. Very glad to have this company nearby!

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      Alex Daly 3 years ago

      But-A-Cake is the best! Delicious baked goods and gummies delivered to your door. What could be better? Nothing. Go order now. You won’t be disappointed.

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      Hedrick Leger 3 years ago

      Some of the best pastries I’ve ever had seriously! But-A-Cake has been my go to for some years now anytime I have a sweet tooth. The customer service is great and friendly and you can tell the owner cares about her products because there is love in every bite! 🙂

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