3-4 Hours Away

The northeast is home to some of the most iconic cities in America. Jersey City is perfectly situated, making a fun-filled vacation and road trip easily attainable. Don’t have a car? These cities are a quick train or bus ride away.


Day Trips from JC (Travel by Car):

3-4 Hours Away:

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, is a place brimming with history and significance that everyone should witness at least once. Its neoclassical monuments and buildings, iconic museums and performing-arts venues that comprise the city make it a beautiful thing to behold. See landmarks like the Capitol, Supreme Court, and White House that hold the nations unbreakable institutions within their walls. Feel the history of this nation with every step you take. During your visit, choose from the world-class cultural events, vibrant dining scene, and museums that satisfy any kind of visitor. Walk through all the neighborhoods to get a taste of what the entire city has to offer. 


Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland with a long history and rich culture. Once an important seaport, the harbor area now offers shops, upscale shacks, and attractions. See the uniquely Baltimore sights like the Baltimore museums, maryland crab shack, and the national aquarium. Explore a vibrant music scene that Rolling Stone called the best in the country. From, rock, pop, jazz, classical, hip hop, and house, there is something for everyone to groove to. Baltimore is a city of grit and grace decorated with iconic street art and murals, significant monuments, remnants of its industrial past, and promises of its bright future. It is definitely a place worth visiting.


Boston, MA

Boston is the historic and lively capital of Massachusetts that offers so much to visitors and life long residences. For the history buff, Boston has multiple historic edifices and landmarks on its 2.5 mile walking route dubbed the Freedom Trail. There is a great collection of museums and exhibits that will grab your attention for hours. Some of the best food and breweries in the country can be found in this city, so your inner foodie will be more than satisfied. Most importantly, this city is great for any sport enthusiasts. Basketball, hockey, baseball, football, and more is threaded into the culture of the city, so catch a game while you’re there and see just how crazy the Boston sports scene can get.